How do I manage and grow the 4am Project?

How do I manage and grow the 4am Project?
How do I manage and grow the 4am Project?
I’m often asked about how I run my global photography project, 4am Project.
The aim of the 4am Project is to gather a collection of photos from around the world at the magical time of 4am. It’s open to everyone can take part and join in, whatever their photography skills level.
Some facts and figures….
*There is a digital archive of over 7000 digital photographs of 4am
* Over £800,000 in publicity value has been delivered to the project
* I’ve organised and hosted 6  high-profile 4am events in Birmingham, one in New York City and  I’m hosting an event in Nottingham this November 25th.
* I speak at lectures and conferences about 4am Project, digital engagement and
Over the last few years I’ve tried to keep track of everything and the progress the project has made and documented key moments along the way.  If you were wondering how it all works, then you will probably find an answer in these resources. Or if you would like my support and expertise for your own project or business, then get in touch!
History of 4am Project part 1part 2part 3
Keep watching this space where I will be sharing more about how I use social media to grow communities online and get them together offline 🙂
Follow the 4am Project on twitter @4amproject and I’m @karenstrunks

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