How to start a career in social media

How to start a career in social media

How to start a career in social media

Can’t see the video? Watch it on youtube.

You’ve got to be able to walk your talk.

Anyone can say they are skilled in any industry but your business will crumble before it’s even started if you haven’t got some basic skills to build on. The social media industry is ever evolving you will have to be willing to add upon them as your business and career progresses.

Get excited!

You need to be not just willing but positively excited about learning more! If you are not passionate about embarking on a social media career, how are you meant to impassion clients and perhaps eventually staff if you chose to expand your business?

Help yourself

There is a lot you can teach yourself if you invest the time to the learn the skills you need so you can offer great services that you are going to be paid for when you and your clients find each other.

How are you going to learn your skills? By doing. You need to understand the theory of course, but nothing beats hands on experience practising with the tools that will be part and parcel of your new career.

Where else can you learn your social media trade and skills?

Who do you admire in your industry?

Who is doing work that you really like and respect? Study them. Learn from them, (but don’t copy them!). Hell, they may even offer consultations so you can pick their brains and learn more about how they do what they do.

Which social media career will be right for you?

You will need to immerse yourself in social media. The reasons for this are twofold; you will be educating and stimulating your mind, plus you will also start to learn the areas that interest you the most and what social media careers you don’t want to pursue.

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How to start a career in social media


When there are so many options for social media careers, it’s easy to lose your way and find it hard to settle on any one thing, but let me tell you, WHEN you do find that special area that’s a perfect social media fit, everything else falls into place too.

I’m all about helping you find ways to do the work you love, so I want to help you find the right social media career fit for you and save you a lot of time and effort!

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