100 days left of 2013

100 days left of 2013

Do you remember new years day 2013? (Of course you do!)

I don’t know if it feels this way to you, but this year has been one that seems to have sped by!

How’s 2013 working out for you? Is it one of your best years yet? Are you still stuck in the same routine that you promised yourself you would change? Have you let negative people and circumstances linger?

What about your goals?

We have 100 days left of 2013. 100! And although here in the UK it may feel like the year is coming to an end with the autumnal weather and even Christmas food appearing in the shops, we still have tons of time to make the changes that we wanted to and make steps to get to our goals.

100 days!

If you are reading this you have everything at your disposal to get on with your goals right now.

There is nothing holding you back right now but you.  You decide and you take control. There is never a right time to start. You start with what you have right now. That’s enough!

Don’t wait til 2014. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval. Don’t wait for the sun to rise in the west.

100 steps

100 steps towards your goals in 100 days. If you decided to take action every day for the rest of the year, imagine how much progress you would make! Even if it’s a very small action; a phone call, an email, turning up at an event, writing the first paragraph for your new website, some research.

30 minutes a day. I know you can do that. If you really, seriously tell me you can’t find 30 minutes a day to work towards you goals, email me and I’ll make sure you find those 30 minutes.

30 minutes x 100 days (yes I’m including Christmas Day!) = 3000 minutes = 50 hours.

Imagine how much progress you can make with 50 hours!

I'm taking control are you

I’m taking control. Are you?

I have no intention of slowing down for the last quarter of the year. In fact, I’m going to speed up.

I hope you will join me! Let’s put our foot on the accelerator and make things happen!

If you need my help, let me know and book free call with me. I’ll soon help you get on track.

Here’s to our success! 🙂

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