Stop Flatlining Through Life

Stop Flatlining Through Life

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I had a dream last night. It scared me.

I was on a beach standing on some really big rocks talking to a woman. I'm not sure who she was but she was friendly and looked neat and tidy with black bobbed hair and wore trousers, trainers and a jacket.

She was talking about her job and made some sort of suggestion that I go and work at her place of employment. I recoiled in horror at the thought and stepped back into a narrow but bottomless pool of water. Which promptly turned to mud!

I was wearing a rucksack and it got caught on the rocks behind me. It was the only thing stopping me from sinking and drowning. I couldn't get a grip on anything to pull myself out! I really thought I was going to die, my head kept going under the water and I was gasping for breath and I remember thinking; sooner I die now if the alternative to living is going to work for someone else!

Deep man!

But not that far from the truth actually.

When you create your own path in life and build your own business, the thought of ever returning to allowing someone else to be the boss of you really is a horrific thought!

Sure we get paid a regular wage and we get to feel some sort of security from that; but really there is no such thing as a secure job, or a secure-anything, in life.

But as well as getting paid, we are paying; with our own lives. We are paying with our time. And that stuff ain't limitless! That's why it's SO important to make OUR choices, to explore and try new things. If you've always wanted to break free from a limiting job, do it sooner rather than later!

It's exciting if nothing else!

But it's also SO many other things.

Like feelings. (No, I'm not going to go all mushy on you!)

When I worked at soul destroying jobs with soul destroying people, I pretty much lived with these feelings.

flatlining feelings


It was like ground-hog day. Wake up. Think 'Oh shit. Do the same work with the same people. Clock off at 5. And repeat.

Living in those emotional states (and back then I didn't know how to change my feelings), day in, day out, is wearing. And what's SCARY is you kind of become accustomed to it. After a while that starts to feel normal; you think everyone else must be feeling that way, and hey, 'that's life!'. What can you do?

I know that's not just my experience!

The road of entrepreneurship is a crazy ride! It's thrilling, exhilarating, and white knuckle at times. Running your life, on your terms, doing what you want and following your own rules and schedule creates a very interesting life.

Now my chart looks more like this.

flatlining feelings 01

 Sometimes I'll experience ALL those feelings IN ONE DAY!

Bring it on!

Give me ANYTHING but flatlining feelings.

If you are flatlining your way through your work and your life, and dream of escape, it's possible. Make a decision. Make up your mind. Figure out how you would like to spend most of your time and create your life around it. Even if it means working 5-9 after your 9-5.

Other people have done it, so can you!

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