NEW! Business & Money Freedom Course. Starts soon!

NEW! Business & Money Freedom Course. Starts soon!

I wrote this last night, Friday night. Who wants to talk about business? I DO, that’s for sure! 😀

Right now I’m sitting in the W hotel in Leicester Square in London. I’m attending a high level Business Explosion Day surrounded by some million dollar entrepreneurs. Talk about inspiring! You know how I love to continue to challenge myself and YOU; it’s essential to life, growth and living on your terms.

I have literally just designed my next course (and I’m acting on inspiration and following my own advice and getting this OUT THERE) and I’m giving YOU the first opportunity to hop on this if it speaks to you, AND at a crazy special action-takers offer.


Business & Money Freedom Programme!

It’s time to choose the life you want, doing what you love and making the money that you want to. Ditch hesitation, stamp doubt into the ground and get the life you want, right now. It’s action time!
I’ll work with you personally to create your freedom based business out of your passions. Your marketing and money plan will be personalised to who you are and what you want and you will be ready to GO in SUPER FAST time so you can get yourself out into the world, attract new clients and start making money on your terms.

It will transform your existing business and it will give a MASSIVE kick-start if you are just starting out. You will get a personalised marketing and money plan, and my help on making sales so you can get the money flowing in and really create a freedom based business.

This is a 4 week programme. Here’s what you will get:

Weekly 30 minute one on one call with me. This is my personalised support based around exactly what you want right now to move forward.

Weekly Recordings (audio or video) These will motivate and inspire you to keep you on track and to keep you going in between each call.

Worksheets Get my step by step guides and business and money challenges to aid your super growth.

If you are a freedom seeker who is sick of feeling stuck and frustrated with putting everything you have into your business with little reward this is for you. If you see yourself with a freedom based business, without having to do crazy hours and without having to sacrifice your sanity, this is for you.
It’s time to STOP stressing over money, get out of swapping your time for pennies, get unstuck and into action fast.  Claim back your time and your energy so you can have a life of FREEDOM based on YOU and without compromise.

 I left the 9-5 and made a break for freedom and now  I’m a business & life coach, I know what works and what doesn’t. From break-downs to break throughs. From trying to follow the ‘rules’ of business, to breaking the rules and doing it my way and finally breaking through to success; my life, my business, on my terms. My mission is to help you do the same.  

Ready to jump on board and work with me personally to design your business and money freedom plan? We start on Wednesday 6th May

Until midnight on Monday 27th April the pretty freaking incredible offer to join is ONLY £200 ($303 USD)!  Save your place here.

After Midnight on Monday the 27th April it will be £320 ($486).

Please note this special offer will end at midnight on this Monday 27th April at midnight.  And also please note that there are only 10 places available IN TOTAL for this programme.

This is a great way to work with me intensively at a REALLY awesome price. If you would like to break the payments into 2 instalments, hit reply and let me know and we can arrange that – payment in full is required before Weds 6th May when the programme kicks off.

Save your place here. I can’t wait to work with you!!

Believe more is possible!

NEW! Business & Money Freedom Course. Starts soon!

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