NEVER let fear win!

NEVER let fear win!

What a difference 8 months makes! I want to tell you a story about FEAR!
Today I announced that I am writing my dominatrix memoirs. If you missed it, you can catch the announcement here.

Let me tell you the difference from today compared to last March when I first ‘came out’ about my past career choice. You can read that blog post here.

That day in March was the SCARIEST of my life. I am NOT exaggerating. I literally felt sick and thought I was going to vomit. My nerves were shot. I was shaking. I even had to call my MUM for support! Was I about to ruin my whole life?! 
In that blog post in March, The Missing Piece, I listed out all the FEARS I had about speaking of my past publicly. Let me tell you, to this day, NONE of those fears came true – and there were MANY fears!

I also listed in that blog post all the PROS and the GOOD things that would come out of me sharing that part of my past. Guess what?They’ve ALL COME TRUE! 

Fast forward to today and I’ve made the announcement about my memoir, and it was a COMPLETELY different type of day compared to that day in March. I felt a tickle of nerves but nothing major. I’ve been very calm. I feel in control. It’s just ‘another day in the office’. It’s not dominating my thoughts (excuse the pun!), my mind and I’m certain I’ve done the right thing.
Never ever give into fear and let it stop you from following what feels like the right thing to do! Fear IS A LIAR! 

This is just one example of a time when I’ve faced a fear and TOOK THE ACTION ANYWAY, but I thought it a good example, a more ‘extreme’ example, to share with you.

If you aren’t playing at 100% because of fear then step up! Stop doubting, worrying, fearing, retreating. It serves no-one, least of all yourself! Don’t look back on your life to see big gaps were you could have been going all-out and doing whatever the hell you liked all along instead of LETTING fear win!

All of life is a risk. Some of us try to navigate our way through it taking as little risk as possible to try and get to the end unscathed and without a dent or a scratch! Take a risk. Wear your scratched with PRIDE! They are a sign of LIFE and of LIVING!

Take a risk today, TAKE A chance on YOU.

NEVER let fear win!


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Ten years ago she left her ‘cubicle cage’ and made a break for freedom to follow her passions; from dominatrix, to photographer, to social media and marketing teacher to today, empowering women to step away from the norm, break the rules and follow their passions.

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