Happy New Year! That was then. This is NOW!

Happy New Year! That was then. This is NOW!

Happy New Year to you!

I want to wish you all the success, happiness and prosperity you desire for 2016.

Starting a brand new year fills me with so much excitement. It’s definitely one of my favourite times of year!! If you are one of those buggers who thinks it’s ‘just another day and what’s the fuss’, then bugger off! But really. I want high energy around me at this time of year – and the rest of the year as well of course!

I spent the last day of 2015 reflecting, focusing on what I’m proud of, what worked and what I created as well, of course, as giving thanks! I’m going to make a video soon – a 2015 review if you like. There’s a few things I want to mention and there’s one important thing I want to talk about that I did that’s giving me an even stronger platform to, well, LIVE from, and it’s something you can do at anytime too.

Remember, you get to choose how 2016 goes for you. It’s completely within you it’s and your responsibility and obligation to design the life that you want. I don’t tolerate victims here. Taking control and taking responsibility for yourself, your circumstances, what you have/don’t have, where you are and where you want to be is one of the the most POWERFUL things you can do for yourself. Everyday you get to choose.

This is what I choose…

I choose me.
I choose self-belief.
I choose to do it ALL my own way.
I choose to only accept the things that make me feel GREAT.
I choose ONLY the people who make me feel great.
I choose to believe that my intuition is always correct.
I choose to trust that my path is the perfect one for me.
I choose to believe that I can have what I want by choosing what I want.
I choose to trust and believe that the world will provide. I believe this because, look, I AM provided for.
I choose to believe that I can be, do and have whatever I like.
I choose to be unstoppable and I can do what I like and THRIVE.
I choose to believe that money is constantly on it’s way to me.
I choose not to care one iota about what anyone else thinks or says.
I choose to only accept the positive.
I choose freedom to be me in every area in every way and I choose to hold nothing back.
I choose to always act on my inspiration.
I choose success on my terms.
I choose not to accept limitations, mine or anyone else’s.

What do YOU choose?

Friends and clients. Clients and friends. I get to hang out with people who are just like me and I think I’ve been pretty clear on WHO I work with and that’s every evolving as I evolve and grow. I ONLY want to work with those that are like me and that want to take their success to the next level. I’m not in the business of persuading people to work with me. If they aren’t 100% in, then they are out. If I’m not a HELL YES to people, then THEY aren’t a HELL YES for me. It’s very simple.

I work with women that are born for more than the norm and who refuse to accept anything less than what they want.

They hate rules and wear their badge of non-conformity with pride! They’ve never fitted in and they never want to. Their’s is a life less ordinary.

They don’t follow the crowd, they LEAD the way. Sheeple bore them and they would rather spend quality time in their own company than a minute in the wrong company.

They are positive, happy and celebrate others success because they know they are being shown what can be achieved. They can’t imagine any other life but one of their OWN design and they will do whatever it takes. They are committed to this journey for life! They won’t just go the extra mile, they will go to the extra 10 years if needed!

The experiences, the ups, the downs, the everything in between. It’s ALL WORTH IT. I have SO much confidence in my abilities and I LOVE that I help others create their lives of freedom of NO LIMITS!

Here’s to a year of FREEDOM and NO LIMITS!

Lots of love,

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