STOP searching for the HOW!

STOP searching for the HOW!

I mentioned this briefly in yesterday’s newsletter and it’s still on my mind, so let’s go….!

STOP searching for the HOW. 

I got stuck in that trap for years.

How? How?


It wasn’t like that in the beginning, when I started my first business. No way! I was merrily doing what I wanted, never stopping to think about the HOW, I just DID. It was natural. I was acting on my intuition, my instincts and I was having so much creative FUN!

When I became a professional photographer and a social media & marketing ‘teacher’, I started concerning myself with the HOW. I need the ANSWER for success. I wanted to go to the next levels so surely SOMEONE must know the HOW.

Enter….The Rules!

Everyone has them.

People have written books about them.

People have made millions writing The Rules.

So, I started to follow The Rules.

THAT’S when work/life started to get complicated and filled with a more heavy energy. I was trying to be a ‘good’ entrepreneur and if I did what ‘they’ said then surely I would learn the HOW to my success!

But the the thing is, what works for one person DOESN’T mean it will work for anyone else.

ALSO, we all have our OWN personal unique paths to success. We can’t copy someone else’s!

Stop looking for the HOW for your success. You will drive yourself mad with it!

Instead, here’s what I want you to do….

Assert your power that you can mould your life anyway you want.

Commit, make up your mind & dedicate your energy to it’s pursuit.

Claim & command what you want.

Take full responsibility for where you are now.

Cut out stuff that doesn’t serve you & make room for stuff that does & base your decisions on where you want to be, not where you are now.

More than anything BE the person you want to be by taking the actions of the person you want to be.

For example, I have chosen to be a person who…

…has FREEDOM every day.
…is in control of my life and circumstances
…doesn’t have ‘drama’ in my life
…works with ONLY my ideal clients
…to have flexibility in my day
…only surrounds myself with positive people
…rejects ‘the rules’ and has faith in my OWN decisions

This hasn’t happened overnight but by consistently making decisions, no matter how small they may appear at first, that serve me and take me closer to MY goals, I ACHIEVE my goals.

The HOW takes care of itself

Sometimes we make backwards deals with ourselves. ‘When X happens, THEN, I’ll do Z’.

You’ll get further faster when you actually DO Z and thus make room and create the set the circumstances for X to happen.

I want you to stand your ground when it comes to your life and how you WANT to live it.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your article Karen – thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Basing decisions on where you want to be is absolutely key to increasing the chances of your desired outcome. I was at Xero’s annual conference in London this week #Xerocon and one of the main themes of the event was ‘Purpose’.   Wayne Gretsky’s quote “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  was used to demonstrate this and I thought it tied in very nicely with your quote – “More than anything BE the person you want to be by taking the actions of the person you want to be.” 

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