10 Powerful Ways To Create A Life Of FREEDOM

10 Powerful Ways To Create A Life Of FREEDOM

Happy Monday!

As is my habit on Sunday nights, I usually can’t get to sleep because I am so excited about Monday and the brand new week.

As I looked at my diary for this week, I was just so appreciative that I have a week ahead that is filled with ONLY the things I want to do. This is common now but I NEVER take it for granted.

One of the last things I saw on twitter before I did eventually get some zzzzs was this quote.

‘Entrepreneurship is living few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.’

I woke up to this quote going round in my mind, so let’s talk about it WHAT IT TAKES to create a life of FREEDOM where you….

  • Get to do what you love
  • Have only the right people in your life
  • Are answerable to no-one
  • Wake up excited about Mondays! 😉

Here we go!

1. Protect your time

Your time is your most valuable asset. This is where the days, week, months, years and decades go by and you can make a conscious choice about how you want to spend them. How you want to spend YOUR LIFE.

Time is where your creating will be done. Where your learning will take place. Where the ACTION will happen. Where the memories area created.

If you have no control over how you spend your time, expect to have the outcomes that reflect that.

I protect my time. I have done so since I have been creating a life on my terms and I’ve refined it as the years have gone on. Yes, I’ve applied productivity ‘hacks’, automation, time/activity tracking systems etc. I use a diary (I love google cal) and almost every activity is accounted for – if I want to do it, I allocate the time for it so I can get it done. I prioritise.

I also protect my time by being MINDFUL about how I am using it. Are the activities lighting me up and taking me towards my goals or doing the opposite?

2. Protect your energy

Pay no heed to anyone who slows you down. YOU get to decide who you spend your life with – choose wisely because if you don’t you could end up allowing them to slow you down or stop you in your tracks.

I now ONLY accept those that raise me up. Who make me feel good. Whose energy is a match. Who make me laugh, or inspire me, or I simply LOVE hanging out with.

I’ve ditched the ENERGY VAMPIRES; the people who will suck any good mood right of you.

Who you surround yourself with is CRITICAL to your success. Do NOT underestimate this or make exceptions – I’m talking about colleagues, clients, friends AND relatives. You have a CHOICE.

3. Accept & take responsibility

This is both a scary one and also one of the most POWERFUL things you can ever do!

I didn’t always do this…

Like the time when I was stuck in a job that sucked the soul out of me and I was depressed. I thought I was a victim of life, of circumstance. I wasn’t. I was a victim of MY decision that put in that situation. When I finally WOKE UP and realised it was ALL down to me, I was able to make changes.

There’s also the time, just a few years ago, when I was frustrated and angry and getting depressed about my lack of progress. I had a good wallow for about 2 weeks. I allowed myself to get REALLY miserable and be a right old VICTIM about it all.

ARrrghh – why wasn’t I where I wanted to be yet?!! 

It was the world’s fault.
It was the country’s fault.
It was my friend’s fault.
It’s was my family’s fault.
It was my ancestors fault!
It was the government’s fault.

No. Actually. It was ALL MY DOING and the moment I took ownership of that fact I was in a more POWERFUL position and I was able to turn things around.

I had to take a cold hard look & honest appraisal of where I was.

If you are in that frame of mind, do the same. YOU have got yourself right where you are whether you like it or not. YOU have been the key player in your life.

There’s no room for blame. That’s for LOSERS.

4. Self  development

This is something I have been doing for about 16 years; since I got out of my depression, studied to be a life coach (not that I think you need a qualification btw), studied NLP and I saw the possibilities that were there for me.

In fact, just by taking the path towards FREEDOM, you will automatically be in the game of self-development as there is NOTHING that will challenge you and show you what you are made of like crafting the life you want and doing it on your terms.

Every day I do something towards my self-development.

Keep topping up your success and positivity mindset. Water it like a plant. Read, watch, listen, learn. Get a coach or mentor who will show you the way and raise you up.

And never stop.

5. Routine of success 

How does a successful person, living the life you want, behave? What do their days look like? BE that person.

Develop your routine of success.

These are daily habits that are simply become your lifestyle.

Some of mine…

Wake up early. (How many successful entrepreneurs sleep away their lives?!)

I get my mind set on success before I start my day. I focus on what I want to happen and how I want to feel.

I’ll listen to something motivating or inspiring.

I make sure my ‘tasks’ are taking me to where I want to be and are helping the people I want to help.

When it’s time to work, I work. I don’t allow for distractions (phone on silent!). My head is down and focused.

More recently I have been addressing the health of my body (instead of just the health of my mind!), so I make sure I do something for my body every day; a workout at home, going to the gym, or even just a walk.

I assess the success of every day. Did I do what I intended? Did I allow myself freedom of expression? Did I reach, or get closer to, a particular goal? Where can I improve?

And then I start again the next day…

6. Negativity

Cut it OUT!

Okay, everything I’m writing here is powerful. It is, after all, my 10 ways to create a life of FREEDOM, but I’ve got to pause and say,this is a life changer…

Cut out the negativity from your life. This goes for people, activities, and THINGS that don’t make you feel great.

I haven’t watched the news for 2.5 years. Literally. Read all about why that’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Again, it’s YOUR choice. You can pick positivity, or negativity. Which one is it?

7. Get out of your comfort zone

The biggest success come from leaving our comfort zone!

When was the last time you did something that scared you? That you knew you WANTED to do, but frightened you? THIS was the scariest thing I’ve every done; shaking with fear, crying, wanting to vomit… was I about to pull the plug on my life?!

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be TESTED?

Truly. We don’t do it. I don’t do it enough. We have to recognise our limited thinking and stamp it into the ground because where is it going to keep us? In the comfort zone and who the hell would chose that?!

8. Action

Ain’t nothing happening without that!

I WAS going to title this RELENTLESS because that’s also what it takes; a relentless pursuit of what it is you want. Day in, day out, riding the highs and dealing with the lows, failing and falling but STILL getting up every day and getting on with it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had days when I DIDN’T want to face the day, even in pursuit of a life of FREEDOM, and even though I’ve always followed my passions. I’ve had days when it would have been easier just to go back to sleep or to take the day off or to sit and watch films all day, and rarely I have done that (once a year I’d estimate!), but really when I’ve felt like that (and if I feel like it again!) what it’s taken is for me to TAKE ACTION ANYWAY! Regardless of my feelings in that moment. Regardless of the fact that doing nothing would indeed be the EASIER choice.

Take the action.
Every day.
Don’t stop.
Be relentless. Your life and dreams deserve it.

9. Break the rules

Break free from all the rules… They are EVERYWHERE and so easily absorbed…

Rules from our parents – who are probably following THEIR parents rules etc.

Rules from our well-meaning friends – you can’t do that! You’ll fail!

Rules about business – systems, strategies, blue prints, arrrgh!

Rules about social media and marketing (guilty – I used to teach these!).

Rules from society; tow the line, live like this, do what everyone else is doing, be ‘normal’.

The biggest favour I did myself was to STOP following the rules and to START doing whatever the hell I wanted.

Set yourself FREE and see what rules are binding you and then DO something about it! Stop towing the line. STOP CONFORMING. The world doesn’t need another conformist.

10. Be YOU

The tagline on my website is; Wake up, be you, have fun, do business, make money.

I’ve always wanted to create a life and business (though they are one of the same thing!) by being me. How natural would that be! And that’s something I’m good at – being me 😉

At times I got lost in the HOW instead of the BEING which sounds crazy but mid-way through following my passions I got lost and started to try to find and follow rules which I hadn’t done to begin with so why did I want to start?

NOW, I wake up, be me, have fun, do business and make money, and I help others to do the same.

It’s not about the HOW, it’s about the BEING.

It’s not about trying to fit in and be ‘professional’, it’s about showing the world who you are and what you stand for and how you can help.

It’s about attracting the RIGHT people in to your life by BEING YOU. Who are you doing to attract by NOT being you? The WRONG people, that’s who.

It’s about saying NO to the wrong things and YES to the things that light you up!

It’s about having choosing the FREEDOM to speak your truth and share your message.

Remember, Success begets success. But you have to put your skin in the game and not just dip your toe in and run for retreat when the water isn’t the right temperature.

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