Thoughts, beliefs and getting what you want

Thoughts, beliefs and getting what you want

Here’s where many people go wrong when attempting to create the life that they want.

What they THINK and what they BELIEVE are two conflicting things.

Here’s what I mean…

You WANT to be rich.
But you THINK, ‘It’s not possible for me. Money is bad. People will be jealous and they won’t like me. I’m scared of having a lot of money. I’ll only loose it all.’

You WANT to travel.
But you THINK, ‘It’s too expensive & there’s a lot to plan. I won’t be safe. My passport will get stolen. What if I get hurt? I can’t speak the language, no-one will understand me.’

You WANT to write a book.
But you THINK, ‘No-one will find it interesting. I can’t really be an proper author. It’ll be rubbish and people won’t read it.’

You WANT to be an artist.
But you THINK, ‘Artists don’t make money. I don’t know what to paint. It’s such a competitive market.’

Can you see how you will put a big, fat block on the things that you WANT?

A belief is a thought that you keep repeating until it becomes as belief, and what you believe will come to be.

All the reasons you think you think that what you want can’t happen are excuses. When you open your mind to the your full potential and that you can have exactly what you want, then you will turn the tide; the road will rise to meet you and opportunities will appear.

I remember a few summers ago when I had a mini-meltdown; talk about the summertime blues. I had a right pity party about why I STILL wasn’t where I wanted to be and how come I’m stuck in the same place and it’s not fair that I’m trying so hard and yet it feels like nothing is changing.

Do you know what I got? I stayed where I was, stuck in the same place feeling it was hard work and nothing changed.

So, how did I get out of that?


I had to take FULL responsibility for where I was, and change my BELIEFS about what was possible for me.

THEN the changes showed up in my life.

I want you to write down everything you say you want. Then tune into your limiting beliefs about why you can’t have it. And then, I want you to come up with reasons why your limiting belief is WRONG and write down the new beliefs you want to adopt. THAT’S what I want you to think about when your limiting belief rears it’s ugly head. As soon as it does, shove it out of the way and repeat your empowering belief instead. It will soon become ingrained and you will take actions towards what you want to be, do and have.

You can have the life you want, the money that you want, the happiness and success and the lifestyle, but first you must BELIEVE that it’s possible.

Ready to cut yourself free, follow your passions, call all the shots, have fully freedom over your life and earning potential and you want my help on your journey? Get in touch with me now. Don’t waste another day waiting.

Believe more is possible,

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Laptop life! 

It’s a cloudy morning over the moors, but that isn’t going to dampen my spirits for today I am going to the BEACH!

When I set out on my laptop life in February, one of the goals I had was to make it to the sea. Now, it needn’t have taken me 5 months to get there, at any point I could have driven for hours to get to the coastline, but I wanted to make my way there through my travels.

Well, a few days I made it to Plymouth and saw the sea! What you set your mind to, happens.

Today I’m taking myself to Paignton; it’s a seaside, touristy town by the sea.

This is how I get what I want. I set my intentions. I steer my beliefs in a supporting direction. My actions follow and soon the results.

Apply this to anything.

Thoughts, beliefs and getting what you want

So, yay, sea! I’m going to be snapchatting the day so be sure to follow me @karenstrunks on snapchat for more laptop adventures!

Karen x


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