When Your Body Say NO

I live my life on the basis of FREEDOM. That’s what I help other people achieve and it’s the thing I treasure most in life.

However, during the first half of this year I found myself giving away and giving up my freedom. A little bit here and there at first until by the end I felt like I truly betrayed myself, my heart and my soul.

Whilst there was a lot of love in this relationship, and I fell hard and fast and deep, there was so much heartbreak along the way and when it culminated I felt like I had lost my mind to heartbreak.

Because I share my journey and life experiences to help others on their journey, I will be speaking about this devastating experience and sharing what I have learned about healing from heartbreak.

This post is part of that journey and the lessons learned.


During the relationship, and post-break-up, I could feel the affect the stress and distress was causing on my body.

It felt like the cells in my body were changing.

And that my DNA was shifting. I could feel it with every fibre of my being.

Along with that I could feel a horrible nicotine coloured ball of energy form on the outside of my body just over my heart.

Needless to say, none of that was good or healthy!

I’ve been doing a lot of work on re-setting my energy, restoring it and getting it even stronger and clearer again.

Ironically before my relationship started in the New Year I had never felt better; life was amazing, I was reaping the rewards of all my work of clearing the way for FREEDOM and expansion. I was flying high.

I could never have foreseen that 5 months later I’d be so broken, heart-broken with the thought of suicide crossing my mind – albeit briefly thankfully!

I’m a strong person so I am so shocked that I found myself in a situation were I compromised so much of myself in a relationship that it had a potential near-fatal ending!

We owe it to ourselves to live our truth always, and never to compromise on that. We must, of course, look after our mental health every single day.

Do the work to get and stay strong so that if a life challenge comes to your door you will be able to face it.

Having said that, I’m now in a place were I can see the gifts from all of this. There is ALWAYS a gift, even in the darkest of circumstances. Always remember that.




If you would like my help in healing from heartbreak, then feel free to reach out as I am open to booking consultations.  Contact me karenstrunks@gmail.com I also have a lot of content planned around this subject so do stay tuned. ❤️

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