Journal To Heal A Broken Heart

Journal To Heal A Broken Heart

Relationship Trauma Recovery. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my recovery journal.

One of the things that has helped me to heal from being in a relationship with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, is journalling.

Not just ANY journalling though, this type of journalling is focused on the POSITIVE outcome of the break-up.

Research shows that 15 minutes a day journalling post-breakup helps people to recover faster – when they focus on the positive aspects. Here are a few lines from one of my journal entries.

Remember, no matter how dark things get, there will be light. You can’t have one without the other.


I have more peace of mind
I sleep all night through
I can get back to my work fully
I get to work on my plans and my schedule
I can put all this free time to good use
I can create a life without tears everyday!
I get to release all that anxiety
I get to be more relaxed
I get to claim my pride and self-respect
I get to live life on MY terms
I get to use my free time for me
I get to decide my travel plans
I get to call all the shots
I get more time to create and write and be productive
I get to put myself 1st again.
I get to be no.1
I get to be available for the right love
I get to use my voice to help others in this situation.


And that’s what I’m doing now; using this experience to help others and hopefully give them the answers that were missing for me, and help their recovery journey become a bit more smoother than my own.

Karen ❤️

PS If you would like to work with me in creating a life of freedom after a break-up, then reach out to me today and let’s talk ❤️ 

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