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Heartbreak Recovery with Karen Strunks // Are you looking for help with healing your broken heart? ❤❤❤

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I’m so glad you are here because it’s my mission to help you recover from the trauma of heartbreak.

On my youtube channel I’m going to be sharing what worked, and is still working, for me during the traumatic heartbreak recovery process.

I’ll be sharing my story, and giving examples from my relationship along the way, and helping you not only to heal, but to create an even better life on the other side. I promise it is possible to heal from heartbreak.

The heartbreak, and trauma, got so bad for me that at it’s worse, because the pain was so intense, I thought it would be easier to commit suicide, or at least self harm.

There was love and light in the relationship but also darkness and toxicity because it because apparent that he had a narcissist personality disorder, and that is something I will cover in my videos as well.

The methods and techniques I am sharing with you are all based upon my personal knowledge and experiences. They have worked for me successfully, and they will work successfully for you too.

You aren’t alone on this journey, and I know it can be one of the hardest journeys to go on.

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