What To Do Right After A Breakup

You’ve just broken up, you’re in shock and you are wondering what to do next. I’m going to guide you through this really difficult period.

Your in turmoil right now … You don’t know how to react or what to do next. Let me help you.


And the first thing I want you to do is STOP. .

This isn’t a time for action or reaction.

It’s so important that right at this moment, you allow yourself time to pause. You’ve likely got a lot of adrenaline coursing through your body right now, so let’s slow things RIGHT down

Remember, although it may not feel like it, you ARE in control and you DO have choices.


Don’t reach out.

It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, but you WILL want to reach out to help ease the pain.

You might want to turn to your ex for comfort, or out of habit, or you may even want to reach out because you are angry with them and you want to blame them. HOWEVER, you will be contacting the wrong person.

Sometimes you have to get through this minute by minute.

Let’s look at giving you some more control here. You need some space to process this.

If your ex is reaching out to you, then I want you to send one strong and firm messages saying “I’m taking some time for myself right now”. If he STILL reaches out then that’s on him, but you are under NO obligation to reply.


Feel your feelings. Whilst you might want to numb the pain with cake and alcohol (like I did), the pain and the tears that you are experiencing are a natural reaction to a traumatic experience.

Allow your emotions to wash over you right now. If you want more help to heal your heart, then make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the bell notification so you don’t miss out.

You are going to be really confused and hurting right now. You are emotionally fragile and hurt so don’t put yourself under pressure to heal everything all at once.

You might be in shock. Whatever you are feeling, just let it flow. There is no right or wrong.


This is a lot to keep to yourself so find that good friend who will support you, who will listen to you, and be patient with you.

I’m very independent but I don’t know where I would be without the support of my friends throughout all of this. Sharing and voicing it all will help you make sense of what has just happened. If you feel the need to talk it all out, then I offer a service where you can share your story, or I offer 1:1 private coaching. 


The next few days are important and they are for YOU. This is the beginning of a new journey and a new chapter.

I heard someone say that the only way out is through. That’s so true.

If you have to take to your bed, then do so.

If you have to call into work sick, then do so.

I know it’s so, SO hard right now. Your heart is breaking into a 1000 pieces that’s a real feeling.

If you need to eat all the cake and drink all the wine, then do so.

Allow yourself this temporarily period to get over the shock, to take some deep breaths so you can start acknowledging what has happened. The time to heal is coming up and as is the time to move on.

Remember, you CAN heal from this heartbreak and create a life you fall in love with.

If you want to get more help and support in healing from heartbreak, then check out my heartbreak recovery youtube channel next.



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