Is Emotional Abuse A Crime? Emotional Abuse Recovery Experience

Is Emotional Abuse A Crime? Emotional Abuse Recovery. My emotional abuse story and experience.

Let’s talk about emotional abuse as a crime. I’m sharing my story of emotional abuse and being in a toxic relationship.

If you are wondering today whether emotional emotional abuse is domestic violence, I hope my video and experience will help you. I was in a coercive relationship with a covert narcissist, that took me to hell and back, before I found out that a crime had been committed. It doesn’t appear to be common knowledge and I’m sharing my story to raise awareness of this type of domestic violence.

I’ve heard from a couple of authorities in the matter that emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse. It’s more insidious and is harder to detect and often, as was the case for me, you can be very far into the relationship before you can identify that something is not right. It can be very hard to get out of the narcissistic abuse cycle as I found out.

It took me about 15 attempts to finally be able to break free and by then I had trauma and PTSD.

Note: I am not legally qualified. Please do your own research and fact check. I am just sharing my experience and what I’ve learned along my personal journey.

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Remember: You aren’t alone in this, and there is life after narcissistic and emotional abuse. 

Believe more is possible,

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