Self Love & The Shadow Self – Embracing Your Shadow

Self Love & The Shadow Self - Embracing Your Shadow

Self Love & The Shadow Self – Embracing Your Shadow

You, of all people, are worthy of your greatest love first and foremost.

To be able to say to yourself ‘I love you’, and really feel it & mean it, is the most amazing gift you can give yourself.

We must become our own best friends.

No matter what you’ve been through you must own your story & forgive yourself for so-called ‘mistakes’ you have made along the way. It’s these ‘mistakes’ that teach us about life & who we are. There are no true mistakes in life so pull yourself up instead of pulling yourself down.

Facing your shadow self can help you grow so that you can lead a greater authentic life. Your shadow self can release creativity, help you become more self aware, live with more courage & less fear.

2019 was the year I was faced with my shadow whilst in a relationship. I was faced with the dark side of human nature with the other person; hate, anger, violence & even darker still. I was ripped open & exposed & broken down completely. Now I can heal from that, love myself again, become stronger & become a more powerful version of my former self.

It can be difficult to face the darkness but I encourage you to own your story completely. It’s a brave thing to do but there is freedom & liberation in doing so.

Share your story too; through your art, your writing, your actions & in your compassion & love for others.

Love yourself first, fully & wholly and watch the world reflect that love back to you.

Believe more is possible,

Self Love & The Shadow Self - Embracing Your Shadow



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