Healing After Emotional Abuse

Healing After Emotional Abuse

One of the signs of recovery from emotional abuse is how you begin to view the horrors that you endured in a different light.

I’m not saying this is easy to do. Your mind has more than likely become total rewired by your abuser’s disorganised and dis-regulated thoughts, words (lies, gas-lighting etc) and actions. In other words, as in my case, my mind became traumatised.

The good news is, that it doesn’t have to stay that way. It takes work, a LOT of work, to heal and find yourself after losing your identity to your narcissist abuser’s crazy-making words and actions.

But I can promise you, whilst there is no miracle cure that I am aware of, it IS possible to recover, heal and not only that, without giving any credit to your abuser, come out STRONGER than ever.

You’ve endured a lot. You don’t have to prove how strong you are any more. You just have to leave and do the work to heal and create a beautiful new life.

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This is a process that I used to break free from my abuser.


Healing After Emotional Abuse

Believe more is possible,

Healing After Emotional Abuse

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