Physical Signs Of Emotional Abuse | Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

Are you currently in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist? Are you looking for must know signs of emotional abuse?

If you have a relationship with someone with NPD, narcissistic personality disorder, then it’s highly likely that this has had a negative affect on you physically as well as emotionally.

Today I’m sharing some of the ways in which emotional abuse can affect you physically. I’m sharing my story as a survivor of narcissistic abuse with a covert narc (the most confusing of them all!). As well as sharing my experience of narcissistic abuse recovery, I’m going to tell you the ONE thing that will enable you to undo the trauma, the PTSD, the trauma bond and the emotional pain.

Narcissists are highly exploitative and entitled. They manipulate. They coercive. They are predatory. They lie. This can results in you feeling so confused because there is so much cognitive dissonance between what you believe to be reality and the reality that the cover narcissist is presenting to you.

The narcissist wants to cause this confusion as it makes it harder for you to find the truth. It’s all part of their deception that leaves you with more questions than answers.

Make no mistake, narcissists destroy lives. They can affect you so much, as was in my case, that the emotional pain can become almost too much to endure. YOU MUST TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AND LEAVE THE NARC IMMEDIATELY. Don’t endure another minute of it. Save yourself and create a new, beautiful life.


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