Recovering From A Narcissistic Relationship | Emotional Abuse Recovery

Recovering From A Narcissistic Relationship | Emotional Abuse Recovery

Recovering from a relationship with a narcissist, where there is emotional abuse, lying, secrets, where you are suppressed and repressed, and where there is spiritual and psychological damage, is hard going. It been one of the biggest challenges of my life in many ways, and I know how hard it can be to recover from narcissistic abuse, so today we are going to look at a LIGHTER way to recover…

How Humour Can Heal.

If you are looking for ways in which to learn how to recover from narcissistic abuse, then do watch this video as I want to help you with your narcissistic abuse recovery.

Narcissistic personality disorder relationships are so toxic. The abuser will keep secrets, tell lies, withhold the truth, call you names, mock you and use against sarcasm. He will raise his voice, display anger and impatience. He will have outbursts and gas-light you and deny that he is abusing you. Certainly my ex, on top of all of that, trivialised my feelings and my experience. He would shut down communication, and give me the silent treatment. Even trying to have a normal open, honest conversation with him was extremely hard because he would change the subject, deflect questions instead of giving straight forward and truthful answers. Likely your abuser tell you that you are too needy or too emotional, perhaps showing indifference to your hurt and tears. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.

They say LAUGHTER is the best medicine and certainly laughter can be used as narcissistic abuse recovery therapy.

Recovering from a narcissistic abusive relationship is possible. I’m sharing my emotional abuse relationship story and experience here because freedom and truth is important to me and I want to help other women who have been abused.

I had to have therapy for emotional abuse and to recover from my experience because I ended up with ptsd (ptsr) and emotional and psychological trauma from being in a relationship with this individual. God knows I needed a laugh, so I’m sharing with how I used humour to help my healing and recovery. Healing and recovery from abuse IS possible. It takes work, yes, but the rewards are on the other side.

When you have been in an abusive relationship with a covert narcissist you are unfairly left with the burden of recovery. It can prove a monumental task. It’s hard going. It’s serious. You have to undergoing an incredible learning period; about yourself, about who you were, who you want to become. Understand HOW you got into an abusive relationship, and make sense of it all.

It’s a VERY real, serious, painful and devastating experience, but is being serious about it ALL of the time helpful ALL o f the time?

Sometimes, by taking a serious stance to your recovery all of the time can keep you from fully moving forwards freely. You make it into this SERIOUS thing, which then cannot be made into some UNserious when the time is right.

It’s OK to laugh.
It’s OK to smile
It’s OK to make light sometimes

Laughing might feel TABOO for you.
You might be SCARED to laugh.
Perhaps you no longer feel worthy of joy and happiness.

Humour takes the power away
Humour weakens the abuser.

We all create stories with our experiences in life and our beliefs, so let’s create a new story so help you move on and recover from you narcissistic relationship.

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