Staying too long in a toxic relationship

Staying too long in a toxic relationship. (Stop collecting the evidence!) Now that I’m sharing my story about my toxic relationship with a covert narcissist this year, one of the trends that I’m hearing from the women I’m speaking to…

Break Free From Toxic Relationships

Over 30 days I am going to help you break free from toxic masculinity, recover from its harmful effects, reclaim your heart and create a new vision for your life. Course begins on 1st October.

No Contact Rule After Breakup

Are you wondering if you should employ the no contact rule after a breakup? Is no contact right for you? I’m going to answer your questions and share why no contact is one of the most POWERFUL things you can…

Relationship Red Flags And Deal Breakers

‘If something, ANYTHING doesn’t feel right, we must step back, breathe, feel and process. Safe, healthy, respectful people will allow us to do just that, someone who is unsafe absolutely won’t.’ – Natalie Catherine Check out Natalie’s post over on Instagram….