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Welcome To Fast Forward Full Throttle

>> Fast Forward your business by 6 months (at least!) in just 6 weeks! >>


Dear Daring Entrepreneur,

You know that you can do and be SO much more, but you just haven't figured it all out yet. You're not willing to give up, but you could do with some help. You want the practical know-how and motivation so you can really Fast-Forward your entrepreneurial success.

No matter what, you refuse to give up or give in. You KNOW you can do it, but there’s a piece missing.

  • If only you could find the right mentor, one you can relate to. One that has been where you are now and one that will really give you the straight-up answers you are looking for.
  • It feels like there’s a mystery to making a business work online, and you need to know the ‘secrets’. You need to know how other people do it and how you can do it too!

I've created this 6 week online course around EVERYTHING I wish I had known sooner in business!

Between me and you, when I first started out, around 7 years ago, I hadn’t got a clue. Really. I made it up as I went along. I didn’t know where to get help, and to be honest, part of me with too STUBBORN (and independent) to ASK FOR HELP. I’m going to admit - that was a Big Business Mistake. I guess I had to learn the hard way. And the time-consuming way. And what it cost me in time, energy, emotion far outweighed the cost of ANY course I could have gone on. I don't want that to happen to you!

Fast Forward Full Throttle is about taking confident action in the direction of your dreams and creating the work the supports your ideal independent life. I am going to teach you the 6 most important steps you need to take to transform your business from stuck yes, yes, YES!

During Fast Forward Full Throttle I'll be taking the mystery out of building a business and letting you in on all the ‘secrets. Not only that, but you will be working on and growing your business at the same time!

Daring entrepreneur, is this you?

  • You’ve attended every networking event in your town and, sure you make a few contacts here and there, but really you are exhausted and quite frankly not seeing your efforts result in new business.
  • You are blogging and and using social media but although it’s a lot of fun, you aren’t seeing that fun turn into profits and you really don’t have a clue on how to make sales from your business online
  • You are working day and night and every spare minute in between. You can tell you are gaining some traction but you just get something more tangible (clients and money!) to materialize
  • And talking of working on your business every minute of the day; when will you get a break? You know that sometimes you just have to stick with it and do the hard work, and sometimes you’d just like to know that it’s ok to NOT work sometimes.
  • You know that there is a world of opportunities out there and that you have to go out and grab them and make them happen. You’ve seen some positive results on the actions you’ve taken but sometimes you have an idea and you talk yourself out it. That annoys the hell out of you!
  • You are working on your productivity and how to work more efficiently so you can get everything done, but you are getting behind on your to-dos and you wonder what productivity secret you are missing.

What other people say!

Fast Forward Full Throttle

Your dreams and goals

You dream of being independent and of earning money from your skills talents and passions. You crave to do the work you love, on your own terms and without reporting to anyone ever again.

You KNOW that there is MORE to have for yourself and you see that others seem to have FREEDOM but you are stuck at creating that for yourself.

And sure, you have some money and you can pay your bills and hey, you have a roof over your head, that’s important stuff right?! But holy hell, sometimes you ask yourself if you are working for just your mortgage company and the electric company! Other people seem to be doing work they love, they’ve sacked their boss and they’ve made a giant leap. You need to know that you can do it too. That’s it IS possible!

Your dream life is created around your passions where every day you live life on your terms, doing things your way. You aren’t answerable to anyone and you get to say YES to more opportunities. You get to wake up every day and know that freedom awaits you. You get to work only people that you like! You get to have fun! And you are willing to do the work that will take you there and be fascinated by the journey.

You will relish having your resolve tested and your see your confidence soar and your goals knocked out of the park!

What's covered inside Fast Forward Full Throttle

Fast Forward Full Throttle


This is about creating a life and a business on YOUR terms and turning your passions into a life and career. When you are working WITH your passions (instead of neglecting them or trying to fit them into little windows of spare time), everything changes. Work doesn’t seem like work anymore.

This is about saying YES TO YOUR PASSION and using your skills and talents to create the best business and life for you.

What is it you REALLY want to do?

How do you want to spend your time and your life?

Not sure? I’ll show you how to start even if you don’t know where your passion is!

Fast Forward Full Throttle


What's having the right attitude got to do with business? EVERYTHING!

It's your attitude that's going to determine your success more than your skills.

THE NO.1 thing to have in place when you are creating your passion filled life and business is the RIGHT attitude; one that’s going to support you whatever your goal.

You'll discover how to get positive belief in yourself, and know that you can have, and deserve, a business that earns money from your skills, talents and passions.

You have to have indestructible self belief - and great get back-up-ability. You have to know deep down that you will succeed no matter what and no matter how long it takes.

You have to be willing to push past your boundaries. You have to say ‘GOODBYE’ to people who tell you you can’t, or don’t believe in you. You have to, sometimes whether you feel like it or not, take actions beyond your comfort zone. Not just once, but sometimes day after day. You have to build up your confidence so that you are truly being YOU and not giving a care to what anyone else says or thinks. You have to have the confidence to throw every bit of YOU into your business AND THEN SOME!

You will learn:

  • How to have unwavering self-belief.
  • How to celebrate yourself
  • How not to let fear and doubt stand in your way.
  • How to stop worrying about what other people think
  • How to handle critics
  • How to live from a place of certainty and not guilt
  • How to create a routine that support your mental strength and ability.
  • How to deal with the competition

I’ll share the exact things I do every day that sets me up for success.

Fast Forward Full Throttle


You will define your REAL ideal customer (this goes against what the bank managers like to see in their Business Plans!). Your REAL ideal customer is going to be a blast to work with!

We are going to figure out exactly HOW you are going to help your customers.

Do you know who they are? Where they are? Do THEY know about YOU?!

Do you know how you are going to reach them but more importantly what results your clients get from working with you?

We are talking about giving your clients a ‘Hell yeah!’ experience with you, and showing them how working with you will be a great investment of their time and money.

A pretty intensive week 3 but so worth doing this absolutely vital work on your business!

Fast Forward Full Throttle


It's time to package up your business!  Aka Create your business and life exactly how you want it to be!

We will take your skills, talents and passions and inject them right into the heart of your business.

Then we are going to look at the best ways for you to get your skills and talents to your clients that has the most impact on you BOTH.

This is ALL about packing yourself up, defining your mission, your brand, your services,  and your fees.

Fast Forward Full Throttle


Ever wonder how some people seems to get SO much done whilst you struggle to even write one blog post a week, never mind anything else?

As an entrepreneur you REALLY have to get a handle on time and the sooner you it the better.

If you've known me for any length of time you know I'm always examining my productivity and how I can work smarter and I've got to tell you it really IS possible to do more before breakfast than it takes most people a day to do! I know because I'm doing it.

I'm going to help you get super duper UBER organisation systems in place that work WITH you.

You WILL get more done before breakfast than most people do in a day! Seriously.

I'm going to show you how to create all the elements that will fit together to make doing your work practically effortless.

When you know how to manage your to-do's and your tasks and how to plan your day, then you are WELL on  your way to creating a business and lifestyle that works for you!

Fast Forward Full Throttle


Do you do your best to avoid talking about money?

Do you practically whisper your fees when speaking to a client?

Do you feel really uncomfortable about working on your money goals?

Are you ready for more financial confidence around your business and your life?

It's time to WAKE UP from your money slumber!

It's time to face the numbers with excitement and confidence.

It's time to stop hiding behind your money fears and confront them and take hold of the reigns. YOU are in charge of money. It's NOT in charge of you!


Get over your money blocks - who told you that you can’t charge THAT?
Get super confident and clear and decide on your money rules
Learn my money tracking techniques to you know EXACTLY what’s working and what isn’t
Work out your money goals & make MORE MONEY!

So how does it all work?

  • Every week you will receive a new training modules on that week's subject. This will be deliver by video, audio, PDF.
  • Weekly live group coaching call. Every week the coaching call will be based on helping you take your business further, faster! Plus I'll answer any of your questions have too! All calls are recorded.

A bit about me

Hi! be excellent at anything

I know what it’s like to do work that doesn’t match up with who you are, what you want to do, or where you want to be.

Before I embraced my entrepreneurial journey 7 years ago, I used to to stare out of the window of offices I used to work in and wish I was on the other side. I’d envy the people walking about, wishing I could swap places with them. I’d walk into the offices I worked in and they felt like prisons.

I HAD to escape! I had to make a big, scary, leap. I had no choice.

Life is about creating yourself (1)

My favourite necklace

The first thing I did after making the break was go traveling (hello a taste of FREEDOM!) around the USA for a couple of months on my own, and there began my love affair with America.

I trained as a life coach and as an NLP practitioner (HELLO a taste of inspiration and motivation!). I moved house and bit by bit made my own way using my skills, talents and passions.

Once I decided to live my life MY way, on my own terms, doing what I loved, I never looked back. Hello INDEPENDENCE!

Now I help other people do the same. What do YOU love doing?

I live and thrive on social media, the world of business and doing the work I love and I’ve created the Big Bold Business Academy because I want to help YOU take big, bold steps and say YES to being WHO you are meant to be and what you are meant do.

Everything I do is based around social media and business, and of course, doing the work I LOVE!

twitter 01

I run my city’s premier social media event and the Birmingham Social Media School (for daring entrepreneurs!).

As well as running my business, along the way I built a global digital arts project around my passions, which has received over $1.6m worth of publicity. in the media

What else?!

I’m passionate about positivity in life and business.

I can’t bear excuse-making, glass-half-empty-views, or cynicism.

I believe in accepting FULL responsibility for where we are and what we have (no excuses remember!).

If something or someone is not having a positive influence in my life, then it’s farewell!

Oh, I don’t watch the news! EVER. No, not even a little bit. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I highly recommend it!

I’m passionate about productivity, self-improvement, the colour red, anything that sparkles, make-up (it’s GREAT being a girl!) and I’m in love with America and in particular NYC.

I spend most of my time feeling pretty flipping happy, working on my goals, doing the work I LOVE and helping others do the same!

What other people say!

Fast Forward Full Throttle

This course is designed around helping you to get further, faster; giving you the answers you need to live life on your terms, doing the work you love.

Fast Forward Full Throttle has now started.

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If I join now how much do I pay?

You pay just one payment of $247 for the whole 6 week prografme.

Do I get one to one time with you?

Private consulting with me isn’t included in the academy. However, I will be holding a live group coaching call every week and you can ask me anything there! You will get my personal advice from my experience and I won’t hold anything back. One to one coaching costs a lot more and that option is available, but it’s not included in the price this course.

How much time should I allow to complete the programme?

Approximately 3-5 hours a week. It depends on how you work and how thorough you are. Remember, you will have LIFETIME access to this programme so you can go at your own pace. Though I would recommend creating the space in your diary (and life!) to invest the time as we go along as I believe you will get more out of it – and of course, get further, faster too!

When does the course start?

Fast Forward Full Throttle starts on Mon 30th June for 6 weeks.

Do you give a guarantee?

Yes! When you have committed to and completed the programme (and committed to upgrading your business and life), if you have found it did nothing for you. Nada. Then within 30 days  of completing the programme you may ask for a refund. But between me and you, I don’t think you will because Fast Forward Full Throttle is awesome!

This price really is incredible, Karen! How can you offer SO much for such an amazing price?

I’m glad you asked! Fast Forward Full Throttle is based on the help I could of, SHOULD OF, taken when I was making slower progress in my business. And it also reflects the budget I had to invest at the time. I want to make it as EASY as possible for daring entrepreneurs to get all the help they want inside Fast Forward Full Throttle. So, yes, it’s incredible value! The normal price for this programme is $497.