FUTURE LEADERS OFFER HAS ENDED BUT you  can still join my No Limits Mastermind here for an incredible price!

Are you ready to create wealth and abundance, ramp-up your results, dare to GO BIG in your business, make money doing what you LOVE, DOMINATE your industry and be the leader, and have true FREEDOM in your life and work?

work with me nlmmMy NO LIMITS MASTERMIND IS FOR YOU if you are ALL-IN with your success. You are going to make IT happen, no matter what. You’ve got the drive, ambition, bigger than big dreams (they are so big they scare you sometimes) and you want to get my help, experience and know-how on WHAT it takes from what I’ve learned in the last 10 years of running my own businesses and following my passions and doing what I LOVE.

My No Limits Mastermind Is For FREEDOM Seekers & Rebels

THIS is your opportunity to get inside my business, find out exactly what’s worked for me over the last 10 years in business when it comes to creating a HELL of a lot of freedom in my life, making money completely on MY TERMS, doing what I love with THE most freaking amazing clients. And doing it WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

If you know that you aren’t here to fit in and that you are born for more than the norm and that there is MORE in store for you in this life, then I want YOU in my No Limits Mastermind.

Put your dreams, goals and ambitions at the FRONT AND CENTRE of your life and create the business, lifestyle, money, success, happiness you want! I know what it takes, and when you refuse to accept limits, then you can have it all.

It’s time to stick 2 fingers up at the rules and have your business and life YOUR WAY. Don’t follow the herd. Anyone can do that!

Successful people just dive into the deep end and see how fast and far they can go. You don't want comfort! You want excitement, you want adventure and most of all you want FREEDOM.

It’s time to get straight to the point and cut YEARS from your learning curve. There’s no two-ways about it, when you learn from someone else, a mentor, a coach, a leader……you WILL ACCELERATE your success.

You are already ALL-IN and you ARE DOING THE WORK. You take the action. You are committed to your goals because the alternative is too scary to even think about! It’s down to you. It's all down to you, but I can help you.

the reality nlm (1)

Of course you can choose the long, hard, slow, uncertain way to success. You can feel your way inch by inch. You’ll get there eventually. Possibly. How many months and years and how much energy are you willing to sacrifice?

Or you can learn from someone who has trodden the path that you are on and who knows the way, knows what matters, and what you can kick to the curb because it’s slowing you down. Give yourself a break already. Doesn’t your success deserve it?

I’ve been there when it comes to figuring it all, the endless questions, wanting support and not knowing who to turn to, wanting feedback on my ideas or just some acknowledgement. Not to mention the times when I’ve been riding the wave of success and then on other side of that wondering what the hell I was doing and hitting some pretty dark places along the way.

With my No Limits Mastermind I'm handing to you on a plate what's worked for me over the last 10 years in creating the business, money, success and life I want...

  • What I know about staying in the game no matter the challenges
  • What I know about making money doing only WHAT YOU LOVE (which is FAR easier than making money by compromising, let me tell you!)
  • What I know about being UNSTOPPABLE no matter what you are facing
  • What I know about the resilience needed to get up again and again even though you feel battered and bloody and bruised
  • What I know about the mindset and theory and practice and action and MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE UP YOUR MIND TO MAKE IT SO!

If you don’t pay constant attention to creating your life, business, money and freedom on your terms, then you are choosing struggle; trying to force things to work and forever pushing and zapping your energy and enthusiasm.

Get in the game, or get left behind…

There are no half-measures when it comes to success.

You either all-in or you are out.

You are either a player or a bystander.

You are either invested in yourself, or you allow life to ‘happen’ to you.

You either follow your desires, your calling, your ‘I can’t have it ANY other way’, or you let more days, week, months, YEARS go by.

the reality nlm (2)

A life and business of NO LIMITS is there for you. Always. Right here, right now. You just have to make up your mind and choose it! There’s never a ‘right’ time. A perfect time. No-one is going to give you permission to have it. It’s yours to claim so go and take it!

Month 1 - The Big Daring Business Challenge!

I'm going to show you how to break free from the business rules, make money on YOUR TERMS, get unstuck and into ACTION by having a successful business filled with energy, excitement, the right people and the time and freedom to do exactly what you want.

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Month 2 - DOMINATE

DOMINATE your business, your life, your money, your success?
TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR money, your mindset and your future! GROW your business, reach NEW AUDIENCES, make marketing EASY, and make the sales that MAKE YOU MONEY! Do it YOUR WAY.

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Month 3 - Dream Life & Business

Learn how to create a TRULY FREEDOM based business and march to the beat of your own drum! Do more in less hours and learn what really matters when it comes to success.

Your Life, Your Business, Your Way.

Design your business and life around FREEDOM FIRST and doing what you LOVE all the whilst making your impact on the world!

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Month 4 - Accelerate

You want MASSIVE results and you want them RIGHT NOW! It’s time to fill the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

We are going to get REAL about what it’s going to take YOU to make things happen and accelerate your success.

It’s time to make a claim what is yours. No more thinking, wishing, hoping…it’s MAKE IT HAPPEN time!

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Month 5 - 30 Days To Wealth & Abundance!

Tap into my brain and learn what I’ve learned about money over the 10 years I’ve been in business!

This training not only gives you my money making strategies it also gives you my money MINDSET training too!

The No.1 goal over 30 days is to bring the money IN and transform your relationship with money forever.

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Month 6 - Make Money Your Bitch

You are going to Make Money Your Bitch. I'm going to show you how to become the Mistress Of Money, and put money firmly in it’s place! You CAN break free from the grip of fear around money WITHOUT having to give up on your dreams and goals, and it can be done without losing your sanity!

It’s time to conquer money and set yourself FREE so you can get on with building up your life and your business and do what you are here to do!

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An inspiration to my business!

Trina King

I've got the confidence to launch Brand Me!

Teresa Jolley

I've learnt how to build leads and generate sales!

Debra Carter

A real mentor. She knows what works and what doesn't.

Christian Karlsson

Watch this space. A lot of my success comes down to you. Thank you for making the process strong, fun and achievable.

Debra Lee

You are so great! I'm so glad I decided to work with you. According to the Rules Of Karen, my business is working.

Missy Martin

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've got a plan and I'm sticking to it.

Nikki Gagnon

About Me...

karenFrom a member of the rat race to breaking FREE to follow my dreams; from dominatrix to photographer, to social media maven, now I help women who know that they weren't born for the norm, create the life and business that they want. NO COMPROMISE.

The women I work with are non-conformists and rebels and they love sticking two fingers up at all the rules just as much as I do!

I worked the 9-5 for 16 years. It destroyed my soul and made me depressed. REALLY depressed. I knew there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE MY LIFE.

Ten years ago made my escape from the rat race and I refuse to march to the tune of someone else’s drum ever again. In those 10 years I've been following my passions, running my own businesses, and I’ve helped 1000’s of people with their business and life success.

I am pretty no-nonsense and get straight to the point, but I do so with energy and humour.

We haven’t got time to waste right?! Are you ready for  NO LIMITS life and business?!

No Refunds. You can cancel your membership at any time.