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Date: Monday 30th Dec


Time: 9pm (GMT), 1pm (PST), 4pm (EST)

I’m preparing to host the first Birmingham Social Media Cafe School workshop of 2014 which is coming up on Friday 31st January, but first I wanted to offer you this FREE training on Networking For Success in 2014!

I used to shudder when I heard the word networking. That’s what stuffy business men in pinstripes suits do, isn’t it? Or so I thought! Now I run my own networking event for social media people in my city. (And no stuffy suits allowed!)

No matter what you do, whether you are building your own business, or you work for a company, your network will help get you from where you are to where you want to be. You never know when you might change careers, or change the path you are on to go and do something different.

When we try and go it alone, we make the journey so much harder. Plus, we limit ourselves and our success, and who wants to do that?!

If you are a networking novice, or an old-hand I’m going to show you how to build your network naturally and authentically PLUS it’s going to feel like fun! You won’t even know you ARE networking whilst you are building a genuine and STRONG network.

When people hire you or buy your services and what you offer, 90% of that is down to people knowing you and liking you and trusting you.

Over the years of being in business, I’ve seen it time and time again and experienced it for myself. 90% of people who work with me have met me, online or in person, and got to know me. It’s the same for you!

Through building my network, I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing businesses.


This didn’t happen by chance. It’s got nothing to do with luck. It’s all down to people. People meeting me, knowing me, talking about me, recommending me. It’s the same for you!

Learn how to increase your chances of success with my top tips from my experience and what I have seen and learnt over the years.

Your skills and knowledge will take you so far. It’s your personal network that will take you the rest of the way.


Here are some of my personal networking tips that I’ll be sharing with you in this free 30 minute webinar:

star   The biggest mistake nearly everyone makes when it comes to building their personal and professional networks

star   How to increase your odds of getting more YES’s to your requests 

star   How to get organised, stay organised and how to ditch that pile of business cards in your desk draw for good!

This complimentary training is for you if:

star   You are ready to set yourself up for success in 2014

star   You are going to networking events but not getting the results you want

star   You know you should be networking but you just haven’t had time to figure it all out yourself

star   You are serious about building a strong and powerful network that will support you not only in 2014 but for life!

star   You are just starting out and you want short-cuts that you can implement straight-away

And of course, I’m going to have something special to offer you, but you’ll have to come to the training to hear what it is!

REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE PLACE on my 30 minute Networking For Success webinar and join me and other daring entrepreneurs on Monday 30th December at 8pm (GMT) Midday midday (PST), 3pm (EST).

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