Social Media Reporting

One of the things I get a kick out of is working with brands during their social media campaigns and helping spread the news about their latest exciting promotions. I’ve had the pleasure teaming up with, and social media reporting for some fantastic companies in the UK and abroad.

I love to work with vibrant and dynamic companies, and vibrant and dynamic people too! As a trusted and passionate social media reporter and digital co-ordinator with an authentic voice, I can help you amplify the reach of your company’s message and strengthen relationships with your customers.

I can help you create sparkling and engaging social media content. Let’s have a chat!

Social Media Reporting

When to hire me:

  • When you need a trusted and professional social media reporter to create  help you get your message distributed across your digital channels
  • When you are holding an event, an exhibition, trade show, community event, running a campaign, launching a product, hosting a course, have a speaking engagement or there’s an occasion when you need live social media results to share with and engage with your clients and customers
  • When you want to include your customers  in your event, even if they couldn’t make it along in person, and you would like to increase exposure of your work to new people
  • When you want to make it easier for people watching the same live updates to interact with each other and in turn bring your community together online
  • When you want an archive of an event to refer back to and perhaps use in future marketing campaigns
  • When you simply don’t have the time to do it all yourself and you would like extra support for your social media goals and ambitions

Pre event:

Event research and preparation

Creating a plan and schedule

Kit/tech preparation and logistics

Event promotion

At the event:

Live social media reporting

Live blogging and content distribution

Responsive live monitoring of social media channels during your event

Professional event photography (gallery)

After the event:

Content curation

Analysis of your reach; facts, figures, measurement of audience engagement

Beyond the event; following up

There are many approaches to take when it comes to live reporting. Here are some of my guidelines to consider when organising live reporting for your social media event.

Additional Services:

Monitoring your brand online and producing daily/weekly/monthly campaign reports for mentions and engagement across networks

Managing your social media channels

Workshops and training and speaking engagements

If you would like me to create sparkling and engaging social media content for you, let’s have a chat!