Wednesday 20th August

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Tell Your Boss To Stick It Webinar
  • Tell Your Boss To Stick It Webinar

    How to claim back YOUR time so you can live a life on your terms and stop marching to the beat of someone else's drum.

  • Tell Your Boss To Stick It Webinar

    How to take your ideas, skills, talents and passion to create a job you actually LOVE and want to do every day!

  • Tell Your Boss To Stick It Webinar

    How to get organised and build you business FAST around your 9-5. Learn how to prioritise the stuff that REALLY MATTERS and counts in business building

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TELL YOUR BOSS TO STICK IT IS FOR YOU IF... dread Monday mornings, and even Sunday evenings and you are going out of your mind with the tedium of the routine day in, day out. You KNOW there is more to life and work than this but you just don’t know how to get out of the rat race and out of your rut and into a FREEDOM based life and business. are SERIOUSLY ready to make some changes and you need that elusive missing piece of the puzzle to change your life. It’s time to stop the day dreaming making promises to yourself and waiting for one day. It’s now or never. It’s time to make up your mind and make a promise that you WILL create a life on your terms doing the work that makes you want to leap out of bed every, single day! have a ton of ideas and imagined things that you would like to do to earn your own money, but you still have some doubts and you don’t know where to start or how to decide! You are stuck in indecision and it's time to get clear, get out of your own way and make a start on your best creation ever Your LIFE AND BUSINESS. need to do this, but you are scared. Sometimes you think ‘better the devil you know’ and that it’s easier to stay where you are, but you know deep down that you will NEVER be able to settle for that. Something's got to change and it's got to change NOW!

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Karen Strunks Profile 02The day I decided to leave the corporate world behind was a life-changer, and a life-saver.

I had wanted to leave for years, but I thought my only option was to go and get another job, and the thought of THAT didn't really inspire me! So I stayed and talked myself into thinking this was just how it was meant to be. I told myself that work didn't have to be fun, it paid the mortgage and it gave me security. That was enough wasn't it? And in the mean time, doing work that sucked the life out me and working with many people who were unhappy, I got depressed. They say you become a product of your environment and nothing was truer in this case.

On morning I woke up and decided I simply couldn't take another day of what my life had become; depressed, unmotivated and trapped. I had to do something, even though I didn't know exactly what that something was. This wasn't the exciting life I had imagined when I was young and looking to the future. So, I handed in my notice and left that job that day. Talk about a leap of faith! I should have done it years ago.

I went travelling around the USA, I studied NLP and qualified as a life coach, and I did take two more 9-5 jobs, but this time was different and I knew it was only temporary.

The next job was so I could sell my house and get my mortgage sorted out (yes, I made a lot of big life changes that year!). After I moved I left that job pretty suddenly without a backup plan. I then got another 9-5 job, local, part-time with a boss made from nightmares! When we got into another argument and I shouted at him to 'Go to hell!', then I knew there was no turning back. Did I have a Plan B? No.

It's been 7 years since I started to create a life on my terms, doing what I am passionate about. I've literally followed my passion and made that into my business and life.

I want to share everything that I've learned to help you plan your escape to FREEDOM!

If I can do it, you really, really, can do it too! 

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Karen's experience and know-how is formidable.

Dirk Singer, Rabbit Agency

Karen knows what works and what doesn't.

Christian Karlsson, Karlsson Consulting

I've got the confidence to launch Brand Me!

Teresa Jolley, Teresa Jolley

An inspiration to my business!

Trina King, Trina King

I highly recommend Karen if you are serious about your career.

Dotty Kaczmarek, Dotty Kaczmarek

Karen knows how to get the best out of people.

Anna Douglas

8pm GMT | 3pm EDT | Midday PDT


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