UPDATED: 18th Feb 2017

What’s happening at the moment?!

Let’s talk about events first!

I’m kicking off spring with some life-changing VIP days!

25th Feb Birmingham

3rd March London

11th March Liverpool

Check them out and get in touch if a VIP Day is saying Hell YES to you! email karenstrunks@gmail.com

I’m getting ready to hit the road for this year’s laptop life adventure aka The Freedom  Tour! After 7 months spent on the road last year, I’m itching to get going again this year! At the moment I’m going to be setting off from mid-march with about 10 days in the Wye Valley, then I’ll be moving onto Cardiff for a few days (stay tuned as I may hold a VIP Day there – if that’s floats your boat and you are a HELL YES to that already, then get in touch!) and next I’ll be travelling to my favourite place, that stole my heart last year, the magical Glastonbury! After Glastonbury…. who knows where I’ll go. I love the freedom to just travel in any direction I please!

Also, coming up are a few events that are going to be VERY different to anything else I’ve offered before. They are going to held in Glastonbury in April. One is a workshop called Manifesting Miracles and the other event is a 1:1 Soul Desires Day. Full details coming soon, and if you want to make sure you hear about these events first then feel free to hop on my newsletter so you don’t miss the announcements!

So! There are lots of events and lots of travel on the near-horizon.

If you have any questions, just email me at karenstrunks@gmail.com, or catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

And in the meantime, feel free to join my FREE Facebook group, Rebel Business Women where I hang out every day and you can ask me anything you like and meet like-minded women.

Here’s to your success.

Believe more is possible.