Karen is an amazing guest speaker. Her talk was incredibly well received. It was a pleasure to invite the best professional in her field.

Shukeel Chohan
Online Networking Club


karen strunks speaker

Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker for your event?

My talks educate, motivate and inspire and they change lives. They energetic, positive, humorous and heavily sprinkled with no-nonsense advice to help people break free from the rules and create a life they LOVE based on their passions and calling in life.


I shoot straight from the hip, so if you are looking for an honesty rarely heard in the speaking world about business, success, spirituality entrepreneurship and creating a no-compromise life, then you’ll get it from me!

I speak at universities, businesses, associations, seminars, conferences and networking events.

Col Grey Col Grey, Pixels Ink

Everything Karen said rang so true with me that I didn’t need to make any notes, I wasn’t going to forget it. Her personal story was truly awesome and inspiring.

Gavin Bell Gavin Bell, Adworthy

Karen’s talk had a big impact on me. What I loved was her complete honesty. It was a great talk with a lot of actionable steps. She was so open and honest about her life and how that’s helped her business. I’ll definitely be making changes!

Debbie Kemp Debbie Kemp, Mediachimps

An honest, open speaker. We really related to Karen's personal journey and her story of entrepreneurship. We loved her mantra about how to build your personal brand by being yourself!

Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson, Square Tree Marketing

Karen has inspired me to be more and to do more. I loved Karen's message about being authentic, genuine and true to yourself. She truly lives and breathes her inspiring message!

Mandy Martin Mandy Martin, Chat Marketing

It felt like Karen was speaking directly to me and she made a huge impact on me and how I see myself in business and life!

Suzanne Lothian Suzanne Lothian, Lothianious

Karen's talk empowered and inspired me. I know I can do business, and life, on my terms and break through my comfort zone to greatness!

  • A few of the talks I like to give...!

  • The Leaders Path To Fortune and FREEDOM.

  • My Personal Journey; Escaping the 9-5 to follow my passions. I'm now a motivational speaker and business coach and author helping daring entrepreneurs create the life and business they want on their terms.

  • Financial empowerment; how to stop under-earning, get your mind on the money game and make money doing what you love.

  • Or I can tailor a talk around your specific needs


Would you like to book me to speak at your next event?

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