Karen Strunks

Granting yourself permission to become all you can be is the greatest act of self-love

Karen Strunks




Karen uses her personal ‘dark nights of the soul’, her recovery and her successes as a basis on which to share her personal philosophy and support other women who are looking for ways to grow beyond their current circumstances and exceed beyond their dreams.

Karen can help you:

Transform your life
Connect with your purpose in life
Take aligned action
Create strong boundaries
Embody confidence
Become more assertive
Cope with and conquer big life changes
Start, run and grow your own online business
Create financial independence
Cultivate resilience to life’s challenges
Heal from narcissist abuse and recover from the resulting trauma
Improve your mindset and outlook on life
Identify and remove blocks that are holding you back
Create a strong, loving and supportive relationship with the most important person in the world: YOU

Some of the chapters of her life which Karen draws upon for her teachings, philosophy and methodologies…

Facing homelessness
Being bullied
Conquering an eating disorder
Overcoming years of depression
Suicidal thoughts
Her spiritual awakening
Having near death experiences
Escaping a toxic relationship with a covert narcissist
Running her own business based on her passions and calling in life for 14 years
Being financially independent her whole adult life
Building a positive mindset that supports success in life
Creating a life of freedom based on her values, her truth and her purpose in life

Karen also shares her business acumen from 14 years of being her own boss and following her purpose; from running online businesses, how to make money on your own terms and what it really takes to create a life of freedom, truth and impact.

Life becomes a lot easier when you are living in alignment. Working with Karen can be so impactful because she can help you to quickly identify what isn’t working in your life and support your transition to an aligned and empowered life.

From being trapped in the rat race once upon a time; Karen now lives a location independent lifestyle, preferring the freedom to travel to settling down.

Here are some of the ways you can start working with Karen today.

Book a 1 hour call with Karen
6 Week transformation coaching
Talking therapy
Business courses
Money courses
Relationship courses
VIP Day online or in-person


Why Karen? Why now?

You are a beautiful work in progress. Karen believes that you can overcome any situation or block that is holding you back. With support, guidance, the right tools and accountability with someone who has the knowledge and experience to help take you to where you want to be, Karen can be your guide and show you the way so you can be who are you are designed to be.






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