Master Your Money Mindset by Karen Strunks Kindle CoverMaster Your Money Mindset

I want you to fast-track your way to success! I don’t want to see another entrepreneur with the passion, the energy, the drive, the goals and the ideas, get stuck like I did!

I’ve written this book because I know how frustrating it is to have goals and dreams and ambitions and to be so close to them that they are within reach and you know you just need to figure a few things out before you reach them, but you just don’t know HOW!

I know you are determined to succeed and I want you to get rid of that feeling of desperation when you don’t have the answers you need and replace it with assured financial confidence.

I also know your time is valuable and that’s why when you set aside time to read this book I will make sure that your time is not wasted. I know what it’s like to have AMBITIONS and I want this book to help you reach your financial goals.

* Overcome your money blocks fast! Don’t allow your current money mindset prevent you from getting the results your deserve now

* Discover the easy way to get confident in your pricing structure and your position in your industry

* Learn how you can grow your business in a healthy and positive way, so you can do the work you love, and GET PAID FOR IT! Visit Amazon Kindle

What other people say!

The book is really terrific for upping your mindset game. It’s written clearly, with empowering and often inspiring logical language to lay out the issues and solutions to “master your money mindset” in business. I can tell already that I will be reading and re-reading this book; it’s a literary keeper that will have a permanent home in my Kindle library.


If you’re pretty successful already, buy this book as a refresher and reminder about what to focus upon. If you are struggling, this book will give you practical, immediately applicable tools and strategies, to uplevel your $ mindset and business.


As this book was easy to read and understand, the crucial concept of mastering money mindset really sunk in! I am so grateful to have found this book :-) I feel a lot of my money blockages have a strategy to help me overcome them. I feel really motivated thanks to this entertaining and useful ebook.

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8 secrets book cover8 Secrets To Playing It BIG In Life & Business

Ready for a super-injection of inspiration?  This book delivers a shot of motivation for your business and life success!

As well as looking at all the ways you have right now that will help you succeed, I’m also going to show you ways to have the confidence to create the life you love and do the work you are passionate about

If you dread Mondays, I’ll show you ways to fall in love with them again.

Do you want a remedy for dealing negative people? I’ve got you covered.

Discover ways that will help you have amazing resilience to (pretty much) anything life can throw at you.

We will also dive into how to position yourself for opportunities and how to predict the future. I know! Who doesn’t want to do that?!

Get help with staying on track when it comes to reaching for your goals and dreams. No excuses!

Do you feel like other people sometimes have too much control over you life and work?

I’ll be revealing one of my most personal stories with you – the day that changed my life.

I’ll also be sharing the mistakes I made when I first started doing the work I love, and how you can avoid doing the same thing. That will save your sanity as well as time and energy!

What other people say!

Great stuff. Very inspirational.




Very thought-provoking.

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7 Steps To surefire selfconfidence kindle cover7 Steps To Surefire Self-Confidence

What’s confidence got to do with business and social media? EVERYTHING! In fact, it’s one of the most vital ingredients for getting by at all!

If you haven’t got confidence in yourself and your ideas and your services, or your self-belief is down the drain, then you’ve GOT to look at it and work on getting it WAY up there (I’m pointing to the sky).

Without self-confidence you will only hold yourself, your business, your actions, your goals, back.

If you want a confidence-boost, or a huge turnaround, then I’ve created my 7 Steps To Surefire Self-Confidence free training for you!

Not having enough self-confidence sucks, but the GOOD NEWS is, that getting your confidence back is really do-able! In this 60 minute read I’m going to show you how to stop sabotaging your self-confidence and the exact steps you can take in order to grow and maintain you self-confidence so that you can create the life you want.

What other people say!

This is the kind of book every person who wants to boost, improve, or cultivate their self-confidence should read.


This book has given me a stack of ideas and things that I can do straight away to create more confidence in myself. The chapter on the resilient mind hit home for me, grab this if you want to take some action to be a more confident person.


Her story will find an echo with everyone, whoever you are, who has been told that they aren’t good enough for whatever reason. It’s written with wit and humour that will make you smile while you exclaim, “Yes! That’s happened to me!” on every page.

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