Private consulting with Karen Strunks

Get private one-to-one mentoring with Karen Strunks

I’m available to work with and coach entrepreneurs and leaders who are serious about their business and it’s growth.

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and businesses make massive break-throughs. Receive personalised coaching to get straight to the support you need. 

On your VIP immersion day with me, you will get:

The business of YOU: How to create a business and make a living from doing what you love that fits in with your lifestyle of choice and step away from swapping your time for money!

Position: We will look at the business image you convey and the image you want to convey. Where you see yourself and how you place yourself in your industry will have a major impact on the success of your business.

Opportunities: How to create opportunities by tapping into your skills, talents and passions and attract new customers.

Money: How to talk about it, how to negotiate and how to make more of it. How to start valuing your time, your services and stop swapping time for money.

Clients: You’ll know exactly who they are and how you want them to behave. We will look at your clients values and their culture so you can attract your ideal customers and deter unwanted clients!

Time: Take control of it and make it work for you. Get my top time planning tips so you can increase productivity, work smarter and get more free time.

A Plan: You will come away with a step-by-step plan that you can use immediately. You will know what actions to take next to reach your goals and launch your business success.

Support: It doesn’t end there! I will be there to follow up with you and give you support, if you need it.

I’ve grown my business from scratch and I know what works and just as importantly, what doesn’t work. I employ my skills as a life coach and match that with my business experience to give you one of the most important days you can experience for yourself and your business.

Your VIP day is  confidential, private, exclusive and dedicated to YOU and your business and social media success.

This is perfect for you if you are serious about growing your business. I work best with people who are keen to take action and ready to dedicate their time and energy to achieving their goals.

This will be a no-holds-barred day where I give you all my knowledge in what works and what doesn’t. We will dive deep into your business to produce a strategy that gets results whilst you do the work you love!

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