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I’m the founder and creative director of the 4am Project. The 4am Project is a ground-breaking global interactive photography project whose aim is to encourage worldwide social collaboration to capture a view of the world at the often unseen time of 4am and it’s one of the most successful photography projects in the world that has been grown from my own plans including PR and marketing drive using local, national and international channels. Of course the project wouldn’t be what it is without the support and participation of thousands of photographers from around the world!

It’s a thought provoking project that inspires and challenges participants, from people experiencing an often unseen time to day, to being part of a world wide community collaboration. It provides a platform for people to improve on their photography skills and their artistic potential by asking them to do something out of the ordinary. It challenges people’s concept of photography and directs them to an exciting and positive experience which leads to them being able to show their art to the world and to inspires them to continue their creativity.

With a digital archive of over 7000 images to date, the 4am Project delivers exciting visual journalism that has so far reached participants in over 50 countries.

Although the project is based around photography it doesn’t just attract photographers.

It appeals to many different types of people; that like to try something different or unorthodox, that that like a challenge, that like to feel special and take part in group projects, to those who like to look at familiar surroundings differently, and of course, the curious.

The press are attracted to the project with media coverage from national and international newspapers, international magazines, TV and radio, and travel and photography publications. Some of these include the BBC (TV & Radio), The Guardian, The Telegraph, British Journal of Photography, and Lonely Planet Magazine, and links have been forged with the New York Times. In terms of monetary value the project has received over £800,000 worth of publicity so far I have worked in partnership with Channel 4 and Screen West Midlands.

I organise high profile 4am Project photography events nationally and internationally. If you would like to hire me to host a 4am Project photography event in your town or city or at an event, please get in touch!

Take a browse through some of the amazing photographs of the wonderful time of 4am that have been taken by 4am photographers from around the world.

Read what 4am Project photographers say about the project! 

@4amproject Thanks! I loved it – as always. It’s such a fun thing to do, and Llandudno always has great images 🙂 — Andrew Stuart(@AndrewStuart) April 15, 2012

@4amproject thanks for being the light behind the whole idea… overwhelemed by many peeps pics… stimulus to do more – glynis powell (@mdoness) April 15, 2012

@4amproject I had another wonderful time and already looking forward to the next one. You can see my photos here: — Cory Mitchell (@coryographix) April 16, 2012

Thanks Karen.I’ve been with you since the first @4amproject and they get better all the time.Thanks for coordinating. #Photography — Adolfo Candray (@LatinoComedian) April 17, 2012

@4amproject Glad you like! It was a real pleasure and a great experience – thanks for a brilliant idea! — Peter C (@CliveIceland) April 17, 2012


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