Increase Your Visibility & Sales With Newsletter Marketing

Learn How To Create One Of The Biggest Assets In Your Business

Friday 25th April 1:30 - 4pm The Priory Rooms, Bulls St, Bham B4 6AF (map)

Newsletter a-z workshop


    What beats twitter, facebook, youtube, and websites for building relationships with your customers and increasing sales?


    Your newsletter and it’s members

    This workshop will help you create one of the biggest assets in your business.

    You need a newsletter because it helps you foster a stronger relationship with your customers/audience/fans.

    Take a look at the average reach of social media sites compared to newsletters.

    • Twitter: On average only 1.2% of your followers will see you update at any one time
    • Facebook: On average only 6% of fans will see your updates
    • Newsletters: On average over 20% will read your newsletter (my average is 34%, so I know I’m doing something right!)

    Having a newsletter has proven to be on of the most effective ways to show your customers the results and benefits of your services.

    Because your customers have OPTED-IN and deliberately registered to receive your news and updates to their email addresses, you deepen the connection you have with them and it’s a place you inspire/help and support them too. And not just once. You can do this again, and again.

    In this half-day workshop I’m going to show you

    • How to invite people to opt-in to become a newsletter member
    • The no.1 thing that I do to cause an email opt-in rush
    • 13 rules of newsletter etiquette
    • The system for building trust, developing relationships and providing value for your newsletter members
    • Set up a system that creates sales for you in your sleep
    • The rules you must abide by to keep your newsletter healthy and your customers happy
    • 10 ways of creating content for your newsletter so you never run out of ideas

    This training will work whether you are an individual or a large business.

    It's never NEVER too early to start a newsletter!

    This training is for you if:

    • you want to attract more ideal customers, and you want to start a newsletter
    • you already have a newsletter but you aren’t really sure what you should be doing with it
    • you want to learn more methods to strengthen your existing email marketing activity

    This is NEWSLETTER A>Z. It’s going to be a newsletter intensive and you will go away armed with the know-how and the how-tos of email marketing for your business.


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    Newsletter a-z workshopNewsletter a-z workshopNewsletter a-z workshopNewsletter a-z workshop

    About your trainer

    Newsletter a-z workshop Karen Strunks, Social Media & Business Speaking, Training & Events

    Karen has been a business owner for 6 years and embraces the world of social media & business for work as well as play. Karen's work has been featured in print, tv and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales, and she is regularly asked to speak at universities and conferences.

    Karen runs on of the UK's premier networking events, the Birmingham Social Media Cafe and has recently launched Birmingham Social Media School (for daring entrepreneurs!).

    With a sparkling track record in successful online community engagement and a proven ability to work with companies to boost their social media impact, Karen has worked with brands such as Water Aid, Four Seasons, BMI, Belfast and Prague Tourist boards, bmi baby.

    Karen provides her expert social media and business advice to entrepreneurs, brands and businesses and shares her knowledge with her 8,000 strong audience around the world.

    Newsletter a-z workshop

    Your happiness - My guarantee!

    I want to make sure you are happy with your training. I want you to be positively thrilled! That’s why I give you my Happiness Guarantee. If your Newsletter A-Z training doesn’t meet your expectations, and you aren’t 100% happy, then just me know within 3 days of the class and I will issue a refund for 100% of your purchase price. It’s that simple!