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“At Rabbit, we’ve worked with Karen for over two years across a range of clients, in particular Gatwick and bmibaby. Karen helped cover and produce content around client events, and also gave us valuable insights on how activity could be improved using different social channels. In a sector where a lot of people ‘talk’ social media without always having first-hand knowledge, Karen’s experience and know-how is formidable. Karen is genuinely interested in new tools and platforms and takes the time to get to grips with them. Last and certainly not least, Karen is a joy to work with. I’d recommend her for any future projects, without hesitation.” Dirk Singer, Rabbit Agency


“I invited Karen to speak to students about her experiences of running creative social media projects – specifically the 4am Project – and to give them an insight into the qualities needed to make these a success. Karen is an excellent speaker, combining a reflective understanding of her own work with a highly approachable character. I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a creative, experienced and thoughtful social media practitioner.” Paul Bradshaw, MA Online Journalism


“Karen is highly motivated and enthusiastic. As a guest speaker she is engaging and generous with her advice on social media and other related topics. Karen offers practical solutions to business or social media problems through a understanding of your specific needs. I have received excellent feedback from a broad range of UK and international students who have got to know Karen over the last 3-4 years.” Annette Naudin, MA Media & Creative Enterprise at Birmingham City University


“I first met Karen during the relatively early stages of the 4am Project and watched with admiration as she grew the project and its community quickly and effectively, reaching a global audience and a loyal, committed following. This was partly due to her own dedication and commitment, largely due to her innate understanding of online communities and how to build them but also just because it’s such a bloody good idea, well executed. Ultimately, it was a pretty easy decision to jointly invest in the project with Channel 4’s 4iP fund as partners. Karen’s got such an easy-going manner that belies her tenacious approach to getting things done. Work with her, employ her or just meet her at the Birmingham Social Media Cafe that she now runs. Always worth a visit.” Jason Hall, Five10Twelve


“Karen was brilliant for Talk About Local – her attention to detail, organisational flair and determination was vital to us keeping the show on the road as we rolled out a unique national social media training programme for a blue chip client. Karen is a great trainershe has a real knack for getting people to relax and tackle new subjects that they thought they wouldn’t be comfortable with. Dozens of local websites benefited from her help and support – she would always go the extra mile to help people. As well as being technically skilled in social media, Karen is resourceful – always seeking new opportunities and spotting things other have missed – and was a great asset to the business.” William Perrin, Talk About Local


“Karen is one of those people whose level of integrity one can’t help but admire. She is an all-round creative powerhouse and is always eager to share with others her knowledge and methods of working. She would certainly make for an excellent member of any project team as well as delivering against creative briefs. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services.Dave Harte, School of Media



“Karen Strunks is an engaging, highly competent and savvy Social Media connoisseur. She knows what works and what doesn’t work. She brings loads of humor and energy. Karen has just the right balance of intense listening to her clients and bringing her own expertise to play.  I know I have made a friend, a mentor. I am implementing the tools she gave me. I look forward to our continued association and collaboration.” A. Christian Karlsson, Karlsson Consulting


“The 4am project is a an unequivocally successful piece of community building – using both social media and real world relationships. Making the 4am Project work is a measure of Karen’s experience and understanding of the subtleties that make community building work. She has done it, she gets it!” Nick Booth, Podnosh


“Karen is someone I would recommend very highly in all my professional circles. Karen is an expert knowledge of social media channels and digital media and how to make the most of them. This is demonstrated through a number of programmes and projects which she is involved in, from running the well-established monthly Birmingham Social Media Cafe through to events such as 4am Project or her work with companies including Talk About Local. Karen has a strong track record of project management and client engagement, is an engaging, enthusiastic facilitator and is both very giving and knowledgeable. I have benefited immensely from her resources and expertise over the few years that I have known her and I know that any business owners will profit immensely from her services.Tim Wilson, Creative Knowledge


“We love Karen and the 4am Project. At the start of planning our exhibition we just knew she would be right for an event, and we were not disappointed. As the date of the event approached we were amazed that 57 people had committed to get up at 4am on a dark wintery November morning to photograph the city centre with Karen. We were even more amazed that nearly everyone turned out, when on that fateful morning the weather proved catastrophically dreadful. Why? It’s all down to Karen. Her approachable style, her expertise with social media, and the great concept of 4am. Karen knows how to get the best out of people, with kindness and generosity, and humour. I could not recommend working with her highly enoughAnna Douglas, Curator and Cultural Producer


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