Q&A: What does it take to be a successful social media practitioner?

Q&A: What does it take to be a successful social media practitioner?

Karen Strunks by Alina Loredana Stan

Nabbed by Alina Stan at a Birmingham Social Media Cafe event, here’s my answer to her question. You can listen to it on soundcloud or read my transcription, or both of course! Thanks for the Q Alina 🙂

It’s like anything you want to be successful at; you will learn, you will do your research in the areas you are interested in and where your passions lie.

That could be to do with your projects or business, where your passions are and what you like to do, but also what areas of social media you like, whether that’s twitter, blogging… If you want to build your blog to 1000 followers, or you want to have 10,000 facebook likes. You might want to have a particular area you want to focus on.

Also, it is reaching out and making connections but spending time doing it. It won’t happen overnight and if your goal is for social media success, then part of that goal should be to dedicate a certain amount of time every day to connecting and interacting. It isn’t a one-way street. You’ve got to help and give back and advise, answer peoples questions and thing like that, so in turn people will want to interact with you and hear what you are saying and read your blog or whatever it is you are putting out there and engage with your business.

Find out what you want to do, research it, learn, read blogs in your industry, learn from other people and what they are saying, get advice, go out and meet people in person, even run an event based around social media. It will happen over time. You can either push the matter, and that’s your focus and that’s your goal, or you can just go about your business and it will kind of happen naturally albiet over a long period time. Or you could be one of those people who does something that captures everyones imagination or attention and all of a sudden you are seen as a social media expert.

To sum up; put theory into practice, put your work out there, connect, interact, help, and share. Keep up your learning as there are always new developments. And have fun!

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