Who’s got your back?

Who's got your back?

When we start our own businesses and put ourselves out there, then we’ve got to have, or create, some self-belief.

We’ve got to know that our ideas are going to work. Or we’ve got to, at least, convince ourselves for long enough so that we take the next action!

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have people around us that are going to cheer us on and celebrate our successes, no matter how small. At other times all we have is ourselves and our belief that somehow, someway, this crazy idea is going to work out and it’s going to keep on working out.

Not everyone is going to ‘get’ what you are doing.

Not everyone is going to cheer you on no matter how much you want them to! Sometimes, it’s just you and your hopes and dreams and that small voice inside your head telling you that you CAN do this.

It’s great to have cheerleaders around us; that person, or people who will encourage us when we feel like things are just too hard today, or when our goals feel like a million miles away, and wouldn’t it be easier to lead a ‘normal’ life!

And sometimes we’ve just got to be our own cheerleaders and our own best friends and give ourselves a pat on the back for taking step after step and action after action, and then just back to it and get on with it again.

When you are creating a life and business your way, on your terms, under your own steam, you’ve got to develop a foundation of self-belief and self-confidence.

That foundation may be a little thin to begin with, or have holes and cracks in it, but it’s a start and it’s enough and you can build upon it. For all the cheer-leading in the world, you still need your personal foundation of self-belief and confidence. Hey, the cheer-leaders can’t be there day-in and day-out can they? They’ve got their own stuff to do sometimes!

When someone tells me how unhappy they are in the jobs and how they want to break free and they ‘wish I could do what you do, but I can’t’, I want to grab them and shake them and look them in the eyes and tell them they CAN do it. I haven’t literally shaken anyone yet, but be warned, it could happen YOU! 😉

If I could inject a dose of self-confidence in them there and then I would. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to say, ‘You CAN do it!’.

Sometimes all it takes is just for one person to belief in us, even for a short time, so that we can get started and get on our way. We can take it from there and work on our self-confidence as we go.

We all need to recognise when we are standing in our own way so we can give ourselves a kick into action. If we can find someone who can be there to set us straight then all the better, but even when it’s just you, you’ve got to have your own back and keep going anyway.

“There’s no such thing as can’t!”

Those words from my mum when I was growing up echo to this day!

My mum would counter every ‘I can’t’ I had with that sentence.

And I had a lot of ‘I can’ts’ and some of the ‘There’s not such things as can’t’s got quite exasperated, but all these years later I realise my mum was right.

I can!


Can is more powerful than can’t. Can is better than won’t. Can is stronger than ‘I’ll try’.

Thanks Mum. You see, I DO listen to you! 😀

I’ve gotta say the biggest THANK YOU to my Mum for cheering me on since day 1. I know I’m really lucky to have someone who believes in me even if she’s a little biased! But hey, she only had one child, and didn’t she make it a good one?! 😀

It’s my Mum’s 70th Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mum!


Thanks for being there for me every step of the way!

me mum age 2 me mum age 1

It’s party time!

I’m getting ready to go out soon and meet up with the birthday girl and have a great day out and some ace food. (This is her 3rd day of celebrating! Party-on Mum!)

It also marks the day my 3rd kindle ebook hits the virtual shelves!

7 Steps To Surefire Self-Confidence.

7 steps to surefire self confidence kindle

If you want to know the exact things I do to keep my foundation of self-confidence strong and how you can do it too, you can your copy here.


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