Struggle and Success

Struggle and Success

Can you have true success without the struggle?

Can you appreciate success without having earned it first?

When you have ambitions and a drive that just won’t go away and WILL NOT be ignored then sometimes pursuing them can take you to hell and back.

At times I used to envy people who were just content with their lot in life. How simple it must be! To go through life with no expectations, no ambition, not questioning if there is MORE to life than what we’ve been given. Admittedly I’d only envy them for a few seconds. Would I really swap the torture and torment of my goals and dreams for a life of ORDINARY? No freaking way.

From being in the rat race, being surrounded by many people who were extremely negative, going through a depression where it felt like it would be easier not to be here, to finally breaking free to make my own way in life, you’d think that the struggle would have ended there!

And yes by making the break I was doing what I wanted. And yes, I finally had the freedom I wanted. And yes, for about 90% of the time it’s been amazing, a blast, an adventure! But also, the other 10% it’s been HARD. It’s been terrifying. It’s been ‘what the hell am I doing?!’. It’s been dark. It’s been sickening. The fear I’ve faced in following my goals, my dreams, my vocation has made me question my sanity at times.

But when the fear has subsided and I’m back on track again and I’m riding the waves of success and I look back at the struggle, am I glad I went through it? Maybe I’m a masochist, but strangely, yes. Which seems crazy.

Why would you want to be GLAD that you went through the struggle?

  • Because with each struggle, you become stronger and you can withstand more the next time.
  • With each struggle, you find out more about yourself.
  • Every time you feel fear and face it head on and take action, fear becomes less frightening.
  • Because when you got through the struggle, you find out HOW MUCH YOU REALLY want what it is you are doing/having/BEING.

So, has it been worth it?


Do I want more? Hmm, no, not really! But I’m willing to go through it if that’s what it takes.

My questions to YOU…!

  • Do you want it enough that you will go through hell for it?
  • Do you want it enough that you will face sleepless nights?
  • Do you want it enough that you will NEVER say yes to the ordinary again?

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