Are you ready to DOMINATE your business, your life, your money, your success? 

I’m talking full-on being the woman who is ready to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR money, your mindset and your future!

Can you relate?

Do you find yourself compromising, playing it small, and doing stuff you don’t want to do?

Do you want to stop the brain fog and CREATE YOUR CLEAR, focused path to your business and life goals?

Are you sick of hearing the excuses that you make about why you can’t take action and have what you want?

Are you allowing fear to sabotage your success?

Do you let your feelings of inadequacy assert themselves over your RIGHT to have the business and life that you LOVE?

Are you caught up in a never-ending to-do list that leaves you drained?

Did you dream of a life of FREEDOM and yet you are a slave to your business?!



It's Time To DOM  NATE!

Join DOMINATE for 21 days of EMPOWERING, up-lifting, up-levelling mindset shifting and action taking. It’s time to GROW your business, reach NEW AUDIENCES, make marketing EASY, and make the sales that MAKE YOU MONEY! You can do it. You can do it now. And you can do it YOUR WAY. 

Work with me for 3 weeks from Monday 20th July and you’ll go from stuck, overwhelm, frustrated and stressed to being calm, in control and in charge of your life, business, money and success!

let the domination begin

You will learn how to 

  • WHIP your finances into shape so you know exactly what you need to do to have what you want
  • SPANK your competition into oblivion!
  • Have TOTAL AUTHORITY whilst you build your POWERFUL personal brand
  • DISCIPLINE your time and truly become a GODDESS of productivity
  • DOMINATE your limitations and get your TRUE message out and into the world
  • OBEY your calling and start living your aligned life RIGHT NOW
  • DOMINATE your hesitation and take inspired, FAST action towards your goals
  • Become SUPERIOR to your fears so you can put them in their place once and for all

I don’t know about you but I am at my best when I am empowered and in control of my destiny and I’ll be damned if I’ll give up that thirst for MORE to fear, doubt, uncertainty or feelings of unworthiness!

It’s your RIGHT to live an aligned life. Not just for 2 weeks out of the year when you have a holiday! We are going to create a life that you won’t ever want to escape from!

Are you seeking a life of FREEDOM and a PERMISSION free life? Stop asking for permission. COMMAND IT!

There isn’t anyone in the driving seat of your life but YOU. It’s YOUR time to rise up, embrace your power, test your limits, take control and do the work that needed.

It’s time to ditch the ‘what ifs’, the small talk, the small thinking and step up and lead the way! First and foremost for yourself. And then for others.

It’s OK to want what you want.

It’s OK to be different and to want MORE.

It’s OK to damn well have the business, life, success, money and happiness that you want and have it all on YOUR TERMS.

The truth is the life and business of your dreams doesn’t happen with little league action. You must up-level and DOMINATE by taking charge and MAKING IT HAPPEN!

How the magic will happen!

You’ll receive your DOMINATE training via audio/video and text.

EVERY WEEK there will also be a LIVE training call with a Q&A so you can ask me anything and hit me with any questions you have. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. I’ll send you the recording.

ITS time to make success your new fetish


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About Me…

karen strunks

From a member of the rat race to breaking FREE to follow my dreams. I’m now a business and life coach leading non-conformists and rebels and helping them stick two fingers up at the rules to create their businesses and lives their way.

I got out of the 9-5 after 16 years. It destroyed my soul and made me depressed. REALLY depressed. I knew there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE MY LIFE.

I made my escape from the rat race and I refuse to march to the tune of someone else’s drum ever again. I’ve got 9 years experience in running my own businesses, and I’ve helped 1000’s of people with their business and life success.

I am pretty no-nonsense and get straight to the point, but I do so with energy and humour.