Are You OK With Being Like Marmite?

Are You OK With Being Like Marmite?

are you ok being like marmiteI had a chat with a friend on email yesterday and she said she loved DOMINATE (my new programme) and that she could see it being like Marmite; some will LOVE it. Some won’t!

Either way is fine by me.

To extend that further…when you express yourself, BE yourself, put yourself out there fully, do what you want to do, help people in the only way you can help people, speak your mind etc, you are leaving yourself open to judgement.

And the trick is to be OK with that!

In my experience (I’ve put a TON of stuff out there online; some extremely personal, like blogging my Dad’s death for example, some outrageous stuff and pretty much everything in-between), there will be people who like/love you and they are responsive, the rest of the people will just be indifferent and you’ll never hear from them.

The one we fear the most, being HATED, is extremely rare. I think in the 9 years of putting ‘me’ out there I’ve had 2 negative comments, and I couldn’t tell you how many people would have seen me online in that time. If any more negative comments were to come my way. I will handle it. And so will you.

When you are creating your life on your terms, BEING YOU, and truly expressing yourself honestly, you can feel confident. You SHOULD feel confident. It’s the most natural thing in the world to be YOU.

When you make your own rules for life which are in tune with who you truly are, and your actions follow suit, and your thoughts match your actions (and vice versa) then you experience something that MOST people do not, and will not, because they daren’t do any of those things and take a risk on being true to themselves.





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