This Is Your LIFE!

This Is Your LIFE!

As we begin another new week I just want to make sure you are on track to doing what you love and living life on YOUR TERMS

This IN YOUR FACE realisation hit me out of the blue this morning.

You know I advocate creating a business and life out of the things you LOVE doing – it would seem crazy to create a business and life out of what you HATE doing, right? But that is what we do!

If we don’t pay close attention and monitor our actions and decisions closely we can slowly and surely fall into the trap of thinking that we have to COMPROMISE our way to success. YOU DON’T!

Stop filling your life with things that DON’T LIFT YOU UP!

Stop filling your life with PEOPLE who drag you down!

Here is a very conservative estimate about the literal cost in time of doing things you hate.

Let’s say you are one of the lucky ones who has got living a life on your terms pretty perfected and you ONLY spend 1 HOUR a day doing things you don’t like, or spend it with people you don’t like (But really, WTF?!).

1 hour a day x 365 days = 15 days a year.

FIFTEEN DAYS A YEAR! All from spending ONLY 1 HOUR a day doing things that you don’t like doing.

Is there anything worth giving away 15 days of your life to?!

I’ll let you do the maths if you are currently in a 9-5 that doesn’t set your soul on FIRE (like I once was)! You might want to check out the course I designed to help you transition from FULL TIME TO FREE TIME!

I want you to look at how you spend your time.

What do your days look like?
How are you filling them?
WHO are you filling them with?
How much JOY do you have in your days?
What are you doing that makes you feel URGH? What are you doing that makes you feel on top the world? HINT: DO MORE THAT

Your life is totally of your design. If you don’t like an aspect of it, you can design it differently so you aren’t SPENDING CHUNKS of your precious life doing things you hate. Love yourself enough to make the change.
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karen strunksABOUT Karen Strunks is a speaker and author and helps daring, rebellious, non-conforming women create a No Compromise life and business doing exactly what they love.

She left her ‘cubicle cage’ and made a break for freedom to follow her passions to today, empowering women to step away from the norm, break the rules and follow their passions.

Her work has been featured in print, TV and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales, and she has worked with national and international brands.

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