Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb

I’ve just read a testimonial about my mentor from her client who did what it took to work with her and I could so relate to what her client said. Her client said that she took money from her house to work with my mentor and I could relate to that because…

1. I would have done the same thing if there was any money in my apartment.
2. I did the next best thing that I could with my circumstances.

I don’t expect anything from anyone that I haven’t done, or been through myself. And because I’ve done these things myself and put myself on the line and I will always continue to do so, it’s what I expect from the clients I work with.

Success in some ways IS easy, but it requires a LOT of effort. Super human effort at times. The kind of effort that simply wouldn’t occur to most people, and even if it did, they couldn’t be bothered as it looks like hard work and it’s easier to just plod along and keep the status quo. Why rock the boat and get challenged?!

Do you give up at the first, or 100th, bit of resistance? Then you don’t want it bad enough.

There are very, VERY few people who really go ALL IN with their commitment to their success and what they say they want. It saddens me that they don’t get to experience the break-throughs, the tests, and the real highs and lows. There is nothing that will show you what you are made of like forging a life doing what you love, on your terms.

So whilst my mentor’s client took money from her house to be able to afford to work with her, here’s what I have done to be able to work with my mentor, and also, generally, the challenges I’ve faced with regards to finances over the years, and each and every time, I never backed down and ran for ‘safety’ or given up when resistance showed up.

When I first wanted to work with my mentor, I had $50 to my name and the early bird offer she had on her programme ended that day and it was $50. I WAS going to go and buy some food as the cupboards were getting low. I took a risk and bought her course instead. It paid off.

From there I kept on investing in myself with mentor. I didn’t always have the money for the fees she commanded but I DID WHAT IT TOOK to be able to work with her, which was the sell the things I owned. It paid off.

I’ve sold…
A dozen pairs of my precious designer shoes.
All my designer handbags.
My only diamond which I LOVED and was given to me by one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met.
Other expensive jewelry.
My designer clothes.
My professional camera.
The jewelry my dead Dad left for me.

And I sold countless other things; basically if it had value, it got sold so I could invest in the coach I knew I HAD to work with and to take my mindset and actions to the next level. There was never a doubt in my mind that I was doing the right thing.

I’ve also sacrificed nights out, a social life, holidays, meals out etc.

The plumbing in my flat went to hell which meant I couldn’t use my washing machine, so until I could afford to get the plumbing fixed I hand-washed my clothes for months.

I had to put my car in the garage because I couldn’t afford to run it.

I’ve talked about the time when I had ZERO in the bank and my mortgage was due the next day. It was SICKENING (I have no-one to ‘rescue’ me or a Plan B – to hell with Plan Bs!). BUT even then I knew DEEP IN MY HEART that I would see it through and I would NOT back down, even though I really thought that I’d have to live in my car (and the only reason I hadn’t sold my car is because I wouldn’t have got very much money for it!).

You find out what you are made of at these times and I LOVE what I am made of.

These are just some examples over the years off the top of my head. I could, of course, list a ton of GREAT times too, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is I’VE done what it takes, gone WAY beyond what the ‘norm’ would do and because of that, THAT is the level of commitment I expect from others and I won’t accept anything less. When you commit to yourself at that level you leave no choice but for success to happen. It HAS to. It’s non-negotiable.

That’s why I have been able to stay true to myself, my passions, and doing what I love!

That’s why I am able to help more and more people and CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

That’s why I have a life of complete FREEDOM. No-one, NO-ONE, call the shots. I do what I want, when I want. I am answerable to no-one.

That’s why I get to work with the exact clients I want. Ideal clients who I love and admire.

That’s why I am in the strongest position I have ever been in.

So when someone tells me they can’t afford to work with me, I don’t believe them. And then I also DON’T want them to work with me because they have already proved that they haven’t got what it takes to work with me….

Have they sold everything/anything of value that they owned? No?
Have they considered re-mortgaging their home? No?
Are they willing to give up meals and nights out temporarily? No?
Are they willing to quit smoking, drinking, insert expensive habit here? No?
Then they simply don’t want it bad enough, or they don’t want to work with ME badly enough. And of course, I don’t want to work with people who won’t demonstrate the commitment to their lives as I done for myself.

I guess some might see that as hardcore, or as ‘unreasonable’. So be it. I don’t care.

I have done what it takes over the years. I know what it’s like stay the course, no matter what and then to reap the rewards.

These are just some of the things I’ve done to ensure my success. I don’t expect anything from anyone that I haven’t done myself.

The best rewards in every area come to those who are all in.

If YOU are all in and want my help in creating your no-compromise life and business, making the money you want doing what you love and you are ready to elevate your mindset so you can release your greatness out into the world, full throttle, then get in touch with me about private and intensive coaching by emailing me

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