I used to wake up and want to die

Every morning, before I do anything else, I get out my big, red notebook and start writing my morning pages. (If you haven’t heard of this practice, then start doing it asap, it’s life changing and an amazing way to set yourself up for a successful day!)

Yesterday, as my stream of consciousness flowed from my mind to the pen to the page, I wrote…

I am so happy, excited and FREE! I get to be me every single day. I live for every single day. I remember when I wanted to die every single day.

Look how I’ve changed my life around. It’s taken time and so much effort and relentless eyes on the goal and sometimes I’ve drifted and not been as active as possible, but even then (not that I advocate going slow!), but even then…I still got there and I’m still getting there.

People need to wake up and LIVE!! Fuck. What’s the matter with them??!

There’s no reason to live a life you don’t love with all the resources, inspiration and knowledge and success stories you have access to everything you need. C’mon, you can choose a different story”.

It was these lines that stood out to me…

I live for every single day. I remember when I wanted to die every single day.

This played in the back of my mind all day and I boggled at how much my life has changed since then and I was inspired to make this videoabout that time and HOW I changed my life and my will live around.

If you do not give up, you cannot fail. Stay on track no matter what and keep the vision for your life in your mind every day.

If you want my help creating a life that’s aligned with your dreams and ambitions then get in touch today and ask about becoming a private client.

Believe more is possible,

karen sig

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