Heal Your Money Story – BIRMINGHAM – 22nd October

Heal Your Money Story - BIRMINGHAM - 22nd October

Heal Your Money Story


22nd October 10am-1pm

YOU are a woman on a mission and you dream of living a fully independent life, you have big financial goals, you take lots of action and yet you can’t quite get the traction you want when it comes to making money.

Get ready to change your relationship with money forever.

Heal Your Money Story is based on the mindset and beliefs around creating wealth and also the actions you need to take. I can help you gain the strength, courage and determination to create a life of freedom and making the money that you want.

Money can bring us freedom, security, choice and happiness or it can bring us destruction in the form of debt and all the associated stress and worry that a lack of money can cause.

Is your money mindset keeping you broke?!

Have you got limiting beliefs around having money that are standing between you and the wealth you want?

Do you wake up with suffering from the Money Dread?

Are you ready to stop being a victim around money and start taking full responsibility and ownership?

If you are not making the money that you want, are you ready to make it a DONE DEAL once and for all?

There is no nobility in struggle or just having enough when you can choose to be abundant.

It’s time to ditch your addiction to not having enough! You CAN lead a richer, fuller life.

What are the money stories you are telling yourself that are putting a block on your money making power?


Are you stuck with a poverty mindset? Your family never had any money, so who are you to change history and be able to live a better, more bountiful life?


Are you worried that having enough, or more than enough money, will change you? You might suddenly become greedy, or selfish, or evil!

Heal your money story NOW.


It’s time to forgive yourself, move on and stop carrying around the emotional burden of past financial mistakes because here’s the good news, YOU are in charge of your financial destiny!


Join me on Saturday 22nd October in BIRMINGHAM for this transformative event.


Learn how to speak about money
Learn what to do with money
Learn how to think about money
Learn how to spend money
Learn how to make money

It’s time to allow money to flow IN and transform your relationship with money forever!


Saturday 22nd October 10am – 1pm Birmingham City Centre – Venue To Be Announced.

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There's no excuse not have the life, the happiness, the freedom and the money you want!

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