How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Success

How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Success

Are you sick of trying to hide your weaknesses? Here’s how to turn your weaknesses into your advantage so you can leverage your success in business. 👇❤️👊

When you are marketing your products and services it’s very tempting to talk about all the benefits – and you should do that!

But, one of the ways to make YOU and what you’re selling more believable to your buy audience and clients is the admission of weaknesses; the things that haven’t worked out for you, how you have ‘failed’, how you made ‘mistakes’, how something went wrong, your story, your struggle.

Because when you do THIS you are…

1. Being authentic and owning who you are and where you have come from

2. You have a STRONGER influence on your client’s buying behaviour. You are more relatable and not ‘perfect’. You are not ‘too good to be true’.

Of course, you’ve got to have a good product/service to begin with – that should go without saying.

The more I’ve talked about my weaknesses, the more people have reached out because they could RELATE; whether it’s about being the time I suicidal and depressed, or the time I ‘broke’ my business and had zero money, or the time when I started my first business after leaving the 9-5 and becoming a dominatrix, I’ve shared my story and there’s NO doubt that that has influenced how and when – and what – clients buy from me.

Admitting to your weaknesses can be frightening – you are exposing yourself and being vulnerable – BUT that way you get to really live a life of freedom and build your business around that. Truly being YOU, and you can’t put a price on it.

How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Success



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How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Success

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