7 Hot Social Media Careers – Free social media careers training

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What you will learn

  1. 3 social media careers and what they involve
  2. What social media career is suited to your personality
  3. What social media careers to avoid!
  4. The pros and cons of each career

How you will benefit

  1. Get focused and get clarity on your social media career development
  2. Save time and energy by getting your career on track
  3. You will be armed with more knowledge which will take the stress out of decision making
  4. Learn more about social media career opportunities
  5. Meet and network with others people in your industry & perhaps create opportunities!

What other people say about this training!

“Really insightful information about about social media careers. Really good.”  Selina 

 “Information packed. Highly recommended if you want advice on social media.” Jae-Alexander

“I now have a much better understanding of the industry” Liz

“It helped me broaden my views of social media careers” Juliana

” Highly recommended if you are seriously thinking about your SM career”  Dot