Break Free From Toxic Relationships. 

In this course, I am going to help you break free from toxic relationships, recover from its harmful effects, reclaim your heart and create a new vision for your life.

I have been inspired to create this course because of my own encounters with toxic masculinity in relationships, and especially because I’m hearing story after story from other women of how they have been treated whilst being in a toxic relationship.

Let me just say now, it’s NOT your fault. These types of relationships can happen to ANYONE, even the strongest of women. It doesn’t matter the background, the education level, the intellect. It’s important to take responsibility but you must not take on the blame.

The trauma of being in a toxic relationship is real but I’m pleased to say that breaking free is possible too.

Come and join me and commit to yourself and your healing now.

This course is based on my personal experience of the harmful effect of toxic relationships.

There can be a unique bond that can develop in the form of trauma. I’ve been there, but it is possible to break free from codependency and the toxic addiction that is created.

Are you wondering how to end a toxic relationship with someone you love? It was one of the most emotionally challenging times of my life. I’ll be sharing what worked for me and how I broke free.

There is no end to the BENEFITS to ending a toxic relationship and I will show you how it’s possible to leave a toxic relationship with dignity.

Here’s to saying NO MORE, to RECOVERY and to BREAKING FREE.

This course is for you if you are determined to do the work to become the woman you want to be and to finally break-free from toxic masculinity.

You deserve better, and there is a whole new life waiting on the other side of your toxic relationship experience.

What you will learn on this course

⚈ How to get clear on the vision for your life that you actually want and deserve

⚈ How to realise and own your true, innate personal power and act from a place of empowerment

⚈ How to see through all the bullsh!t that has been served up to you

⚈ How to make strong, decisive and confident decisions and take determined action

⚈ How to tune in and become aligned to your true path in life

⚈ How to let go of the toxic energy and release it so that it is no longer yours

⚈ How to set, maintain and honour your boundaries

⚈ How to fine tune your radar so that you become quick to recognise the warning signs & signals of toxic masculinity

⚈ How to work with spirit and call in energetic support and guidance

⚈ How to create a future you are in love with and excited about because there IS a beautiful future waiting for you on the other side of toxic masculinity.

How It Works

You can follow along  with my teachings via video at your own pace, and the lessons will be yours to keep. The lessons will be delivered via video with some exercises included.

Who is this course for?

⚈ Anyone who has suffered, or is suffering, from toxic masculinity in her relationship

⚈ Anyone who has had enough of betraying her heart and soul and paying the cost of a toxic relationship

⚈ Anyone who is ready to say ENOUGH, and reclaim her peace of mind

⚈ Anyone who wants to clear the energetic ties with this harmful energy and create room for a new life aligned with her heart and soul

⚈ Anyone who has been going round and round in circles with toxic masculinity and needs the tools, inspiration and to learn the mindset needed to break free

It’s time to say no to compromising your heart and soul and forgive yourself. Get ready to reclaim your self-esteem and self-confidence and feel whole and safe again.



Work with me 1:1 throughout the course

Have me by your side every week to give you that extra accountability, answer any questions and guide you through this transformational time.

You will receive full access to the course and weekly 1:1 call with me to give you extra support and so you can get really clear on the new life you want to create (4 x 45 minute calls via phone/skype/facebook)

Personal coaching £295

I'm 99% certain you are going to get so much out of this course, however, if you are not 100% happy during 14 days of your order, just let me know and you will receive 100% refund.

About me

Hi. I'm Karen Strunks. I'm a coach and mentor who helps women create a life of freedom through passion, purpose, money, relationships & the esoteric.

I've created this course because of my own experience in a particularly toxic relationship this year. It was very hard to spot the signs at first because I was dealing with a covert narcissist.

I understand the stress, upset and trauma masculine toxicity can cause, and there is nothing that is worth going through or tolerating that. It simply should no be part of our lives.

My experience brought me to my knees emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. It affected my work and my creativity. I had become a shell of my former strong, confident and happy self.

I'm here to help you break free, to recover, to mend, to heal and to create a life FREE from toxic relationships now and in the future.

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