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Hyperlocal thoughts after BBC's Digital News Day

Hyperlocal thoughts after BBC’s Digital News Day

This week I attended the BBC’s  and the Digital Media Business Cluster’s Digital News Day which attracted digital and media peeps from the region. The aim of the day was to develop the city’s role as a place of excellence…

Speaking at Show and TAL about my hyperlocal blog

Speaking at Show and TAL about my hyperlocal blog

  In February 2010 I began a hyperlocal blog for the small community where I live. Last year I gave a short talk at talk about local’s Show and TAL event about why I started a community blog. I wanted it…

hyperlocal augmented reality

Augmented Reality hits Wake Green Park

My hyperlocal blog, Wake Green Park, is one of the first hyperlocal blogs in the UK to use Augmented Reality! talk about local have recently undertaken a new project called hypARlocal which is funded by Nesta and the Nominet Trust. hypARlocal (the AR stands…