Speaking at Show and TAL about my hyperlocal blog


In February 2010 I began a hyperlocal blog for the small community where I live. Last year I gave a short talk at talk about local’s Show and TAL event about why I started a community blog.

I wanted it to be the voice part of the voice of the community, and help connect the residents. I organised a Big Lunch event (video) which was a great day for neighbours to meet each other and made new friends. I talk about the intentions I had of putting advertising on the blog, but having to maintain the blog around all my other online activities and work, that idea didn’t happen. It’s a little side project that is a labour of love.

It comes up above all the estate agents in a google search for Wake Green Park, and as such I get a few enquiries from people who are considering buying property on the estate as they prefer to get a residents authentic opinion on life in the park. I hope you enjoy my short talk about running a hyperlocal blog.

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