You can’t do THAT!

You can't do THAT!


 You cant do THAT


These are just a few of the things I’ve been told….

You can’t walk out of your job just like that – you’re throwing away a good position and a regular wage.

You can’t go from earning £10 to £150 per hour – you need to increase your income gradually.

You can’t give a lecture at a university – you haven’t even got a degree yourself!

You can’t just become an author – you need to go on a course first.

You can’t go around looking on the bright side of life and being so happy – you need to get real.

You can’t really expect to reach all your goals and dreams – having your health and a roof over your head is the main thing.

You can’t give one of the most emotional talks of your life in front of strangers – you will lose your composure.

You can’t launch the Big Daring Business Academy on a bank holiday – everyone is off work!


Watch me.


Who is telling you you can’t? And are you going to listen to them?!!

Worse, are you telling yourself that you can’t?

Don’t tell me you are putting limits on what you can do, what you can produce, what you can achieve, what you can earn, or what happiness you deserve?

Next time someone says ‘you can’t’ to you, make your next words (even if you say it to yourself), WATCH ME’.

Who are you allowing to make the rules of your life, and your business?

Most people are happier when they are playing it safe, and everyone around them is playing at their level too. It makes them feel comfortable. Start disrupting things and they soon have something to say – ‘you can’t’. Sometimes their cautions come from a place of well-meaning. They don’t mean to try and hold you back. They just don’t want you to fail and then get hurt. Or sometimes they just don’t want you to grow because you might leave them behind. In their safe place.

The people that tell you you can’t, don’t always know better. In fact, they don’t know better at all! Only YOU know what you want to do, what you are possibly capable of and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Break the habit of conforming to what other people say is safer for you to do!

How are you going to make progress, grow your business, get to grips with social media, earn what you want to earn, do what you want to do without just DOING IT?!

How are you going to test your limits if you listen to other people’s limitations about what you can and can’t do?

Sure, you might make mistakes, you might ‘fail’, you might get burned, or burned out. You might make have to make choices that scare you. Or even excite you! You might have to learn a few lessons along the way. You might have to challenge yourself and remind yourself that some things may be harder than others to do, but you are going to do them anyway. You might be TERRIFIED that things won’t work out, but you will cling on for dear life and make it work. You might be tempted, only for a second, to return to a ‘normal’ life and not follow your dreams, then you GET A GRIP and carry on working on yourself, your goals, your business. There is NO WAY you should be telling yourself you can’t.

YOU are going to speak up for your goals.

You are going to stand up for creating a business from your skills, talents and passions.

You are going to be deaf to the noise of ‘you can’ts’.

You are going to give yourself a chance and decide that you CAN.

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I’m taking the mystery out of what it takes to build your own business and I’m giving you the exact methods/plans/systems call them what you want, that I use in my business.  Check it out and get ready to grow your business!

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