How to launch your online products!

How to launch your online products!

First up. Check your foot. Is it on the breaks?

Have you got an idea for something that you think people would really LOVE and that can be delivered online, but you haven’t, y’know, done anything about it?

It’s time to take your foot of the breaks and get ready to LAUNCH!! Whooooohoooo!

I want you to make your product and send it out into the world, and I’m going to show how.

Now? Yes. Right now. Today. Make a start. Finish it by Friday!

You’ve just got to do it. How will you know if your idea is going to work, or not, if you keep it to yourself?

This is about launching hard and fast and NOW.

Take your foot off the breaks. Don’t censor your ideas. Stop waiting and start creating.

Get your idea and go with it.  Don’t wait.

Do you know what happens when you have a brilliant idea and you wait? You allow it to go cold. When you revisit that idea the following day, week, even YEAR, you aren’t going to feel the same ‘HELL YES’ about it. You may still think it’s a good idea, but that initial energy and passion will simply be lost through the passing of time.

I know what it’s like. I used to do that myself!

I would say, ‘Oh I’m too busy right now. I’ll just make a note and put it in this folder and when I’m less busy, I’ll do it’. And that’s where it stayed, in that folder. Because I didn’t go with my feelings, my excitement, those nervous feeling you get when you do some new and you get ready to put something out into the world, most of my ideas have never come to life. Until now….! 😉

Take the Big Bold Business Academy for instance. It went from idea, to being launched in THREE days. A year ago I might have planned it and thought about it and spoken to a dozen friends about it and figured it out some more and then spent weeks on the copy and faffed around forever with the logo….. you get the picture.

Stuff will take as long as you allow it to take. I set myself 3 days. I had the idea, the passion, the energy and MADE IT HAPPEN.

‘Yeah, but Karen, how will I know if my idea will be successful or not?’

You don’t know. And you won’t know until you DO IT.

Of course you can spend time and energy doing product research, examining the marketplace, looking at what other people are doing, doing market research. You can spend weeks doing this and invest that time and energy and momentum and impulse that you’ve got for your idea, or you can chose to spend that time and energy on creating your product!

‘Yeah, but Karen, my idea might really fail!’

Then you’ll be EXPOSED! As someone who is getting stuff done, who isn’t afraid to try and take a chance, who is brave enough to put their work out into the world for people to judge, who doesn’t just talk about ideas but makes them HAPPEN and brings them to life, who might produce something that someone is looking for RIGHT NOW, and who might, just might, inspire someone else to step things up and put something out there too.

A cliche; it’s only the idea that fails and not the person. You can get another idea and start again. And again. Until you don’t fail. Doing that and failing makes you more successful than the person who does nothing. There are no guarantees. Unless you play it really safe and do nothing. I guarantee your idea will fail then.

OR you could launch your product and stand a chance of NOT failing!

‘Yeah but Karen, I don’t know where to start!’

Okay, I totally understand that. Here are the elements I use in my launches

Bright Idea!

An idea! Yes, stating the obvious! But not just any old idea. One that you get a great feeling about. One that you get excited about. And an idea that your clients are going to LOVE!


When you’ve hit on the right idea, you’ll know it. You’ll have that excitement in place and you will be fired up about it. How could you let that go to waste? Use that passion and take that energy and throw it into your new product!

Next up; you are going to need vehicle for your new online creation.

Take your pick; video, ebook, pdf, mp3, webinar…. A word about webinars – don’t go mad making pretty slides with loads of images. Why? Because it will slow you down! I caught myself on when I realised I’d spent nearly a WHOLE DAY creating pretty slides for a webinar. You haven’t got that kind of time to waste. Keep the slides simple and to the point and think less is MORE. You aren’t teaching by slides. Your voice is going to do that part!

Product creation time!

It’s time to make it real! One of the biggest things that will slow you down is trying to make everything perfect. Don’t. When it’s good enough, it’s good enough. Go with it. Keep going with the flow. Use the excitement, nerves and passion, do your very best and create your product.

Send it out into the world!

Is this a FREE product you are giving away as a gift? Then if you haven’t already got one, start a newsletter. Then when people become a newsletter member they can instant access to your gift. Building your newsletter membership is a vital part of your business, so start now. When customers opt-in to your newsletter your awesome gift is delivered automagically when someone registers for it. I use mailchimp. I really like it, plus you get tons for FREE.

Are you selling a product?

I use a mix of Sellfy and paypal to deliver sell my online products.

Shout about it!

Ok, here comes the marketing part. You need to let people know about your Awesome New Thing and tell them what they are going to get out of owning/buying it.

Places to tell people about it;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your blog
  • Your newsletter
  • Make video about it!
  • Pinterest

Things to remember to mention when you tell people about your Awesome New Thing

  • Whether there a time limit to it being available
  • Whether there is a limited number
  • Whether it’s a free or for sale (and what the price is)
  • How they can get their hands on it straight away! Keep this part as simple as possible. Don’t make it a 5 step process!

Why do I advocate launching hard and fast and with passion?

1. When you launch something when you are in the moment and at the height of the light-bulb moment, all that energy and enthusiasm is going to go INTO your product, and your friends/fans/followers/client/audience are going to pick up on it and feel it too. That’s why you mustn’t hold back.

2. You will find out faster if people like your idea. They will respond to it quicker. They will buy it straight away (instead of 6 months from now when you’ve finally made everything perfect).

3. You haven’t spent weeks or months creating something. If no-one wants it, that’s FINE because you haven’t invested heaps of time into it. You can then have a look at it, see what you could do differently and use what you’ve learnt in your next creation.

I’ve seen no better results from things I’ve spent months creating and perfecting than I have from the things I’ve launched when the inspiration has struck. It doesn’t pay to delay!

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