Heads Or Tails?

Heads Or Tails?

Heads or tails?

Which one are you ?

Which one do you want to be?

Are you going to react to every email that hits your inbox the moment it arrives?


Are you going to schedule time to write and respond to your emails?

Are you going to jump and answer every single call that comes in as soon as your phone rings?


Are you going to arrange when you make, return and take phone calls?

Are you going to let your mood dictate your day and how it goes and what work you get done?


Are you going to think, 'Okay, I'm not quite in the right mood to do this task right now, BUT I know it's just a mood and I CAN complete this task anyway'.

Are you going to take on EVERYONE'S opinions, or even allow one person with an opinion (that you didn't even ask for, thank you very much!) ruin your day or week?


Are you going to make up your mind to ignore people's opinions that don't serve and support you, and get on with your work and doing what you do best.

Are you going to keep spending time with people that you don't like, respect or admire (and then spend time and energy moaning about them)?


Are you going to ditch the people that you don't like, and find some like-minded, supportive, incredible people to spend time with?


You get my point.

If you are in REACTING MODE  you are not ACTING in the best interests of your business or yourself! 

People in reacting mode wonder where the day has gone and why they haven't got anything done and wonder why they've got no time.

Which do you want to be?

THE HEAD - in control and in charge or your day; putting systems in place so you can stay on track and reach your goals.


THE TAIL - reacting to everything going on around you so much so that it feels like you've been chasing your tail all day (Guess what? You have!) and wondering why you aren't making any progress?

When you stop reacting and start taking control, you ACHIEVE so much more, you feel so ON TOP of your work, you get to your goals FASTER, you aren't swayed off course, you have more CONFIDENCE and honestly, everything become SO much easier.

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